Will the Stamps Make it to the Dance?

That may be the nasiest stretch any team would of faced all year. Especially for calgary who has not won a game against a winning team. I think even with Burris going 3-3 would have been very pleasing for Stamp fans.

Yes you guys are right we will just not play them we will give those teams the two points for each game. What was I thinking. Thanks guys!

The Stamps are done..finished...finito...go bye bye...a former championship contender :wink:

could see calgary winning 2 of those games at the most. you just can't replace a starter like Burris. while sask's qbs are not all-stars, I think we're in the best shape at the pivot position. Crandall can play at this level if something were to happen. I shudder to think what would happen if BC, Edmonton or even Wpg lost their current starters. that's why I didn't understand Wpg not getting their backup reps on Sunday when the score was out of reach. Yah Glenn scored a bunch late against a lax D, but the game was all but over.

Yes the world is coming to an end :lol: :lol: :lol:

I hate to admit defeat, but without Burris the Stamps are history. The Stamps are within 1 point against of having the worst points against in the league. Only Hamilton is worse by 1 point.
There is no way the Stamps can now score enough points per game to stay competative. Their defence is too soft. Look forward to the Stamps losing games by 15 to 20 points from here on out.

So sad, christ, look at the Lions, third string QB and still in first place, if only we were that deep at QB, nope what do the Stamps do, they dig up Ben Sankey from god knows where.


....lol, don't take it so hard '67, things don't look too great I'll admit, but rolling over and dying isn't the answer either....utilize Reynolds more, make use of those hands attached to some fine receivers...as long as a game plan is generated to play simple, smart f'ball there is still a chance....realistically 3 out of six would be a good goal....it'll be tough, but not impossible....

....no no, Red, I think he's on to something....I'd be perfectly content if the Stamps rolled over and died.....:wink:

...this horse is limping, but it ain't glue factory bound yet...

And, if we have two suspensions to our starting O-Line, you could pull out a victory this Saturday! Don't write the Stamps off yet.

Besides, how many games have the Riders now have lost?

....great post....

I heard Burris is only out for 2 games. Is this true?
If it is true, things are not that bad.

Well there is no way any one should give up. Is it a diffcult task yes? Can it be achieved yes. Remember we lost Burris a few years ago and had two raw rookies in there and won one lost one.

3 and counting

No surgery required looks like two games and then it will be re-evaluated

Well they better ride Reynolds hard and stick to simple 1st down yardage. I think Smith has a chance if the game plan very simple and he doesn't have to hang on to the ball and start panicking. Maybe lots of QB sneaks and sally rands as well.

Our D is really going to be tested now that out offence will likely be on the field a whole lot less, and didn't Ben Sankey used to be back up for for Rick Johnson for puck with and "f" sakes! lol, whats he been doing for the last 10 years.

Go Stamps Go

If I recall Ben Sankey played well before he left. But you know what just maybe it is time to get the life raft out. Seriously the world is not coming to an end.