Will the Stamps Make it to the Dance?

Serious question. They are only 2 up on EDM, and 3 up on TO. Burris is gone (who knows how long?), and they face a tough schedule to close the season:

@ BC
vs Sask
vs WPG
vs MNT
@ BC

Keep in mind that the Stumps have not won a game against a team with a winning record. Very tough road ahead.

Burris going down is definitely going to be costly for the Stamps. Akili Smith has looked pretty bad in relief this year. A tough schedule ahead doesn't help either. It's really too bad, the Stamps were getting on such a roll. I hope they can still fight their way into the playoffs. I would love to see them keep Edmonton out of the dance for the second straight year (take it as a compliment Eskimo fans).

Hmm good question. It all depends on how the team plays with the second string QB. Yes this sort of makes it an uphill battle but even if the Esks tie us we beat them out because we won the season series. You never know though we play the bombers twice after watching today I feel those are

wins for the stamps even with a second string QB.

Well if we don’t make it no problem. We will work on it next season.

:lol: Haven't seen the easy button in a while! :lol:

I'm sure the box of crow is still going to make another appearance this season too.

Yes Dragoon I will have plenty for your bombers fans again. :lol:

Pappa and Piggy has used this product it makes crow taste good right Piggy! I would ask Dad (pappa) but he was too drunk to remember.

I wonder how Akili plays...

Losing Burris will be Calgary's Akili's heel. :lol:

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And I thought my puns were bad!

Well done Thryllin! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Any word out of Calgary as to whether or not they going to bring in another QB or just go with Smith and Nealy?

Front page says Sankey's in town.

I didn't realize BC had released him. Smith or Sankey? Maybe this is the push Smith needs. Make or break time?

If he was on the practice roster, Sporty, any team can claim him…

That makes sense, maybe I was dillusional, I thought I saw Sankey dressed in the Montreal game. Let me do the Math:


Yup, guess we cut him!

He was on PR.

Nasty looking sched, 3 - 3 with Burris at best, without him ?

Right Piggy hope your team can get by the Tiger cats. WAs it not you guys that lost to them before they started showing they can play football. :lol: :lol: :lol:

You have to admit 05, that is a pretty nasty sched. Do you mean the same TiCats we just beat two weeks ago by 30 points ?