Will the Riders win more than 3 GCs this century????

The province of Saskatchewan is celebrating 100 years of football this year I was wondering what peoples thoughts were regarding that they won 3 Grey Cup championships the last century, will they be able to match that in the next 100 years?

careful lest that backfire on you.

this is such a ridiculous thread… cannot seriously read it without going :roll: like really?

The Riders have a good of chance as any team this year to win it.

they had a lot of bad luck in the past…

Let's hope not.

97 years of bad luck aparently. :lol:

So to compensate they need to blow the cap, hide 20 players and play with 13 :thup:

The Riders will three-peat from 2093-2096

Will the Canucks win 3 Championships in 100 years?

We'll see when they manage their first.

the problem with this thread, is that the CFL wont be the same in 100 years. everyone knows by then The cfl will buy out the NFL and the it will be on league... known as the CNFL. it will be harder to win grey cups with that many teams.

Nope... the Leafs will win another Cup before Vancouver gets another sniff at a SC final..

Things we can say for certain in the next 100 years:

Roughriders: the provincial gubbament will require manditory Riders tattoos for all residents and they will win the Grey Cup at least twice. There is also a reasonable chance that gophers will become a protected animal and make it on the new provincial flag beside the Rider's emblem. Regardless, 1 Grey Cup.

Maple Leafs: Will sell out every single game as corperate lemmings will be willing to pay up to $5k for nosebleed seats so they can go to a game and complain about how bad they are. They will win a Stanley Cup when the reincarnation of Johnny Bower gets back between the pipes.

Canucks: Will get moved to Austin Texas as a part of Gary Bettman II's move to increase the NHL presence in the deep south. (The Edmonton Oilers move to New Orleans in 2014 as a gift from BP). Once they're an American team, they will win 3 Stanley Cups.