Will the Riders host a playoff game in 2007?

There are 9 games remaining for each of the western teams. The Riders must finish ahead of 2 of them to host a game. To finish ahead of any team the following must happen (as of Sept 3).
BC - Any combination of Riders wins and BC losses totalling 9(out of 18 games, 1 common).
Calgary - Any combination of Riders wins and Stampeder losses totalling 8(out of 18 games, 2 common).
Edmonton - Any combination of Riders wins and Eskimo losses totalling 7(out of 18 games, 1 common).
Given that the Riders play well at home and have 4 home games left, and 1 away game in Hamilton, I think that they should have a very good chance.

If this poll isnt unanimous...

That's right Jman. IMO the only way the riders won't make at least 2nd let alone 1st is if they lose evey game left. They will and i'll be friggin ready to go!

I'd be a little worried about the Stamps heating up and going on a tear if they didnt' have an absolutely abysmal defense.

I think somewhere around 11 or 12 wins will be enough to secure 2nd place at least.

I dont care what game we get, all I know is that I dont envy the team that comes in! Its hard to imagine the riders losing that one.

The Key is still getting first with a bye & home field advantage for the final...although we play much better on the road this year.. I'd rather it be "Mass Mayhem at Mosaic Stadium"

Last time the Riders hosted a playoff game they lost it 42-18… so nothing is a given, ask the Stampeders, they have lost their last 2 home playoff games as well.

I agree that Riders will likely host a play off game. Which is to be decided. Noticed a small problem with the magic numbers for Calgary and Edmonton. They should be 7 and 6 respectively. If Saskatchewan wins the 7 of next 9 games they will end up with 14 wins. The most Calgary can end up with 13 wins and tie, and that is winning all 9 games. So if Sask wins 4 and Calgary loses 3 Sask will be at least 2nd place.

I know its only the half way point of the season, but unless the Riders do a complete nosedive, finishing ahead of Calgary and Edmonton looks pretty good. Injuries, the word that we are not allowed to discuss anymore on the forum could play a part, but the fact remains that Coach Austin and the coaching staff have made up good game plans for their players that they have on the roster to execute on both Offense and defense.

Barring a complete meltdown, you guys might be able to see a home playoff date this year.

Sorry, I got that wrong, might have been the tie messing with my mind or something. I am glad the mistake is in our favour. The numbers really help to improve my outlook for a home playoff game!

I believe the Riders will host a playoff game but it wont be the Western final. As great as the riders are playing this year I just don't see them finishing ahead of the Lions.

This coming from a Lions fan :lol: . At least when Sporty talks, he doesnt sound biased lol

All right, so I clicked yes, and as I was about to click submit I hit no... so, it should actually be 19-0... :lol:

But I think the Riders will do it. The Eskimos have no shot at finishing ahead of them... and I'm not entirely sure I believe in this turn around by the Stampeders. Really, their only competition is with the Lions, and even if they finish second, they'll still host a game.

But whatever happens, good luck to them. Seems they're having a season just like the Saints. Lets hope theirs finishes off better.

Not a problem, it was a good shere is hoping that next week the magic numbers are 7, 5 and 5. This would mean a Sask win which is possible, followed by BC loss unlikely but hoping and an Edmonton win which is possible.

It is a good thread, we can do the weekly count down.

Once we get our (Edited)QB's back, we'll give you a run for your money! :wink: :wink:

all i can say is, this is a good year to be a SEASON TICKET holder!!!i had season tickets before and always went the games without being a season ticket holder, but i am guarantee a play off ticket if they make it;)

I love Austin and I voted yes. But I am still not sure about 1st or 2nd. We could lose in Winnipeg. Calgary may sweep Edmonton. BC should beat Montreal again and everything will get to close. And the Riders play in Calgary the next game. Congi needs to kick better. If he doesn't kick better we will lose some close games. He cost us Edmonton. We should be 8 wins and 1 lost.

The BC - Rider re-match this month will be so important. Taylor field should be sold out for that one!

It already is Sporty

Thats good. Should be a great game, and a good atmosphere!