Will the Riders draft Shea Emry in the 5 spot?

Will the Riders draft Shea Emry in the 5 spot (or for that matter any 1st round spot they may end up with) in the draft in 08’???


Who is that?

How would we know if the Riders will draft him? Ask Tillman.

I have been pretty useless since someone stole my crystal balls last yr, sigh

I think after I predicted the canucks would suck in the playoffs last yr and not make them this yr, some disgruntled canuck fan thought he could make my prediction not come true if he stole my balls

Youbet how good is Emry?

Who's saying I haven't already. :wink:


Let’s suppose you have…then why ask here?

Its a freekin opinion poll jm!!!!!!!! Participate or don't but don't waste my time.


Public forum, kel...besides, you're asking if they WILL, rather than if they SHOULD...we're not mind readers, kel...go ask Tillman if they will...ask us if they should...

I get your point. It was an oversight on my part. Happy? My poll is based on buddys mock draft thread. His contention is that they 'will' draft Shea Emry. Mine is that they 'will' not. It's speculative on both sides. If I chose to 'pick my own color' so-to-speak, to express my opinion, I trust that you'll pull some technicality out to stop the argument. Thanks again.


I might…I might not…what would you care, anyway?? Carry on with your prophecies…

I can't believe how hard you've fallen for this, Kel. Honest to God.

This is what Chris said:

5. Saskatchewan- LB Shea Emry UBC- To bad this wasn't the NFL draft, because if it was i could gaurantee this selection to be a QB. unfortanetly it is not. We may see local Saskatchewan product Taele Orban go in a later round, but for now, assuming they don't trade up for Barker, this selection is Embry. He is a solid player that will help fill the void Hunt left.
Nowhere does he state that the Riders WILL pick Emry. Apparently you've never been to ESPN.com or SI.com where they do several mock drafts.

Oh well. I voted Yes. See you next year. :smiley:

I voted yes as well. I believe this kid could fit into this team. By the way Kel we may forget who you are by next year.

Unless we really need a fullback for the future we will probably draft this Shea Emry.

Unless there is a QB that has all the right skills to be a star in this or the next season, we will probably draft Shea Emry.

Unless another team gets him first, which I don't think will happen, we will probably draft Shea Emry.

I voted yes. Based ONLY on my opinion.

Who the hell is Shea Emry

Our board's last, best hope....

I heard the Rider's are trading down so they can get Emry in that 5th position.....

So if Emry goes to the Riders in the 4th pick (not the 5th), is this the loophole Kel was banking on?

Well let's check the fine print and see:

Well, you might want to round my fans up for this one. I'm saying that is if the Riders draft Shea Embry I will not post on the forum for the balance of 08'. Furthermore if that indeed is the first round, player-for-player, in the 08' canadian college draft, I will leave the forums and my haters forever. You heard it here folks!
It appears the loss of a pick by Montreal has saved him from leaving forever, as Chris can no longer get every pick in the first round right.

However, close examination of the wording seems to indicate that if the Riders draft Emry in ANY round, Kel will need to vacate for the remainder of the year....

So close. Chris actually drafted like Montreal lost a pick, but unfortunately, he took away the wrong draft pick. Damn...