Will the Riders bring QB Cayman Shutter to Camp ?

I bring this up do to a post draft interview with Coach Chamblain. When asked about bringing in another arm for camp, Coach replied that he will bring in another QB to camp to go along with the three QBs likley to be on the roster and Drew Burko under the CFL Canadian QB initiative.
If I understand another Canadian QB initiative that any Canadian QB who is brought to camp that is eligible to play that season does not count towards the number of training camp roster players. So unless the Riders have an import QB that they are really interested in bringing in another former local boy to camp with an NCAA Division I arm being a Canadian they could add another Training camp roster player at another position.

Also I have a question for any one who can answer this. Shutter went right to UH out of High school he was there for four years Is he eligible to play for a Junior Football team like the Regina Thunder if he so chose and the team was interested ?