Will the Redblacks honour retired Rider numbers

Just wondering if anything has been mentioned about whether the RedBlacks will honour the Rough Riders' retired numbers... 11, 12, 26, 40, 60, 62, 70, 71, 72, 77 ?

I think so. I think they said that they wanted to do something a little nicer than those jersey outlines they had on the north side. Which wouldn't be too difficult... :expressionless:

That might be the kind of thing you want to remind them of since they have a lot going on though. :thup:

How about honouring all the Renegades retired numbers.....#1 through #99...R.I.P. :lol: :lol: :wink:

You're all class, bobo. :thup:


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Actually that's a pretty impressive list of retired Rough Rider numbers.....I've always wondered why the Cats don't do the same,it doesn't seem right to me to see current Cat players wearing the likes of #26,#61,#68,#1,#3,#23 just to name a few.As far as I know the only number officially retired by the Cats is #10 Bernie Faloney.I found a few pics,to walk you all down memory lane.....Enjoy!!!! :smiley: :thup:




Eh. Well, I can assure you that most "Renegade Nation" folks haven't gone anywhere, anyway...We have a better idea of who the "through thick and thin" folks are out here these days...

I ask this in total innocence and with no agenda:

Has any other professional football team/franchise retired the number of a kicking specialist?

The only other one I can think of in the CFL is Lui Passaglia,25 yrs,B.C.Lions…#5


There might be a few in the NFL,not to sure though,can’t think of anybody off the top of my head right at the moment.

Were ALL 99 numbers used? I haven't checked.


:lol: A Real pair of ZEROS :lol: dumb and dumber !!! Like Father,like son :) :thdn: :thdn: :oops: The RB's should retire the Renegade unis by tossing them into a huge bonfire at half-time of their inaugural game :) :thup:

I don’t believe so. But then there we so many guys that showed up for three weeks then took off again, I guess it’s possible.

I had to look this one up. The Chiefs retired #3 Jan Stenerud's number. He is the only kicking specialist in the NFL hall of fame.

In terms of the actual topic, I hope the RedBlacks take on the history of the Rough Riders and assume the retired numbers as well. It would be a shame to have 120 years of history be shelved away completely.

All retired Rough Rider numbers should be re-retired. Honour the past while celebrating the present.

As a side note to this particular topic,the Stampeders Mark McLoughlin's #13 who is second behind Passaglia in CFL career points also has his number retired.McLoughlin played 16 seasons(88-03)as a Stampeder finishing up his career in "05" with the LIons.

"bobo8224 wrote:
#62 is Moe Racine's old number and retired by the Rough Riders but with #26 and #40 being worn at camp,I also have to now wonder if the retired numbers will be honoured and recognized by the new regime."

Again, I repeat,

Jeff Hunt, Marcel Desjardins and The RedBlacks organization should be ashamed of themselves if they don't honour the past retired Ottawa Rough Riders' numbers. I will seriously reconsider renewing my season tickets next year if that's the case OSEG can go to hell.

Man oh man.

I'm going to apologize in advance, bud. I actually agree with your opinion and I know you haven't made a decision yet so I don't want to make too much of what you've said there, but...

I've spent years arguing against the perception that Ottawa fans are fickle but too often there are signs of that very thing.

The Mufferaw bit from the other day. The RedBlacks have bent over backwards to be inclusive of the French community. They (arguably) slip on this one thing and BAM, they get trashed in the media and some threaten to not support the team.

Instead of looking at at the good they do, some people focus on the misstep. It's like your kid bringing home a report card with an A- on something and asking him "what's with the minus, junior?". Ignore the 90% good and rage against the 10% bad.

People threaten to not support the team unless they're called Rough Riders, other won't support it if it IS called Rough Riders. In the Renegades days, one guy called their TV show to say that unless they banned the horns in the stadium, he was cancelling his tickets. Good lord...

A number of people have to stop looking for reasons to NOT support the team. From time to time, they're going to stub a toe or have to choose between two options on which fans are split. And sometimes, I'll be on the losing end (like with "Redblacks" :roll: ) but holding back support doesn't seem like the right way to go. It didn't do much good for the Renegades, anyway.

I agree with most of what you are saying, but, recognizing the retired numbers from the Rough Rider era is a"no-brainer" It’s a matter of respecting the 120 + year Ottawa football history, it’s past players and fans. It reminds me of the insult of the CFL and Canada Post choosing to ignore Ottawa’s football legacy and not issuing an Ottawa Rough Riders stamp to commerate the 100th anniversary of the Grey Cup and all the other times Ottawa fans have been left out of the picture.

I know, that's why I wanted to be clear that I wasn't singling you out. Definitely, if the team is going to choose such a weird name supposedly to honour the past, then don't contradict that by doing away with retired numbers. And it's not hard to argue that it's a much bigger deal than the mascot's last name or friggin' plastic horns.

No doubt a lot of the people who make that threat had no real desire to support the team anyway. Or they're bluffing. Imagine if the team starts doing great, someone saying "I don't know, man...Sure they've won six in a row and have a home playoff game coming, but I just can't get into it ever since they ditched the Mufferaw part of the mascot's name". :lol:

I just find it looks bad on the fanbase a a whole, is all.

This video suggests that some of these numbers might just be "mini-camp numbers." Anton McKenzie is wearing #40 in the mini-camp, but I would imagine he'll switch back to 42 if he gets the chance.


So I guess we shouldn't jump to conclusions just yet.

Let's hope it's just an over-sight.