Will the RedBlacks ever wear the classic Rider Uniforms ?

Will the RedBlacks ever come out with classic Rider Uniforms ? I think it would be a smart marketing move to take advantage of selling Rough Riders jerseys and memorabillia. I would love to see them with the classic R on the helmet at least. The RedBlack uniforms are just way too plain and the R is not big enough in my opinion. Of course, it's also important to win as many games as possible, but I would sure love to see some Rider merchandise.

I don't think this year. They're still promoting the RedBlacks "brand".

Maybe if Saskatchewan was scheduled for later in the year, they'd do that "throwback rivalry" thing they talked about but since they're coming by in only two weeks...

I hope they wear retro uniforms.
Their current unis look horribly plain.

I like them, but I'm tired of seeing the road ones.

Just four more sleeps. :wink:

I think the current ones are ok, but not great. Honestly, I think if they just switched up what they currently have, it would be better.
Wear the black pants, white jersey with black helmets on the road, and wear the white pants, black jersey with the black helmets at home. That would look closer to the classic uniforms.

They can use the all white road uniform for rare occasions, but I don't think it should be full time. Looks very similar to what Sask does when they go all white.

Now if I really nitpick, I'm also not a fan of the Italic numbers. That looks like they are trying too hard. Regular number are more classic.

The Redblacks uniforms sure are a huge disappointment. I had high hopes for them, but bland doesn't begin to cover it. Ditch those awful white helmets (and call the Riders to tell them to do the same). Road jerseys - white with red pants. Home - black with white pants. They need more red in there! Like someone else mentioned, the number font is awful, make these uniforms a little more traditional.

They were not wearing white helmets last night, they were wearing all black helmets. They need to wear the home uniform, black helmets etc all the time. This is the era of colour, HD TV no need for "white" away uniforms!!

Um, I know they didn't wear white helmets last night, I didn't say they did. And you're saying no more white uniforms? Good luck with that silly idea.

His idea isn't really that silly. White unis are a product of the B&W TV era. When Calgary and Hamilton played in Moncton a couple of years back, they both wore their "home" unis, no problem telling them apart. Also Winnipeg uses a gold jersey on the road, not white. So, saying we don't need a white "away" or "road" jersey isn't silly, it is true, we don't NEED them to tell one team apart from the other, but you would still need an alternate jersey or uniform for those times when you play a team with similar colours (such as EDM vs. SASK, or HAM vs. OTT). For example, BC could wear their orange jerseys all the time as no other team uses that colour, therefore it's unique in the CFL, but if they play the Stamps in Calgary, they might want to wear white (or black) jerseys just because orange and red are very close in the colour spectrum (though not hard to tell apart, just might want more contrast).
So, yeah, there shouldn't be a designated away jersey, and it shouldn't have to be white (how many white jerseys to teams sell anyway, I'm sure most teams sell more home or alternate ones than white ones, yes there are collectors who will buy all versions, but most people who buy a jersey will only buy one and would prefer a colourful one to a bland white one, just my opinion of course). The CFL should only demand that teams have a 1st jersey in their team colours and a secondary jersey in a contrasting colour (would be their secondary colour, which in the case of teams like CAL or SASK, could be white).
Just something else I just remembered, last MTL home game (when they hosted WIN), they wore their white jerseys (and white pants IIRC) even though they were playing at home which was kind of strange. But it goes to show you don't NEED a white jersey to show who's the visiting team, with only 9 teams (and maybe 10 in the future) pretty easy to recognise the stadium a team is playing in even if the home team is wearing white or some other colour than their primary team colour.

Yeah, let's through away another tradition. Beyond silly.

Silly just because you don't agree with it.

BTW, I said in this day and age we don't NEED white away jerseys, I doubt the CFL will ever get rid of them (unless the NFL does it first) :wink:

does it bother you guys that Calgary has more Red and Black in their road uni's then you're team? :expressionless:

I'm more bothered by how butt-ugly a black helmet is with that uniform.

Rumour is that the 3rd uni to be revealed in September has a lot more red in it. We'll see.

For as bad of a franchise that they were, the Renegades had way better uniforms than the Redblacks, imo

[url=http://img.fanbase.com/media.fanbase.com/8/15326/9bd1984ca145f98df56dd7e5a941f250af005974.jpg?x=280&y=389&sig=e131a91271d09874932dc164311feff5]http://img.fanbase.com/media.fanbase.co ... 64311feff5[/url] [url=http://storage.edmontonsun.com/v1/dynamic_resize/sws_path/suns-prod-images/1297324258979_ORIGINAL.jpg?quality=80&size=650x]http://storage.edmontonsun.com/v1/dynam ... &size=650x[/url] [url=http://cfl-scrapbook.no-ip.org/images/Joseph.Kerry-Ott.jpg]http://cfl-scrapbook.no-ip.org/images/J ... ry-Ott.jpg[/url] [url=http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/0/08/CFL_OTT_Jersey_2005.png]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/e ... y_2005.png[/url]

I hope they don't this weekend. We'll have two teams wearing green and white :wink:

Looking forward to our first game against redblacks and Burris.

I would guess one day they would but not for a few years. Stay tuned for a new RedBlack uniform coming out on the 24th of this month.

I really don't want to be negative, BUT... the red Italic numbers are tough to read from the stands. They need to brign in the classic Big white numbers with the classic Big White R. They need to wear the white pants with the black jerseys at home for contrast and the black helmets on the road and ditch the white helmets.

I know. I saw the ad on saturday's game for the RedBlacks. I hope the new jersey will look nice and a bit cooler than the other ones. Go RedBlacks. :rockin:

That's a common comment though. They can keep the style, but the numbers would probably be easier to read in white, indeed.

But that would get rid of most of the red on the home unis. :wink: