Will the Redblacks be able to pull it off again?

The table is being set for what could be a phenomenal finale for the Redblacks ...


The Redblacks fate as to finishing first and getting the by is in the Lions' hands. The Lions didn't make the playoffs after a 20 year run. Too bad, so sad. Usually when that happens the remaining games become 'meaningless' as far as standings are concerned. This year the Argos and Lions close the season squaring off with each other. At stake for the Argos is 1st place. All they need is a tie against the Lions. A win of course would be even better. All the Redblacks can do is sit back and keep their fingers crossed that the Argos lose. And if they do lose they should send each of the Lions players a Tim Horton's gift card or at least a thank you card.:wink:

In 2011 I attended my first ever Grey Cup game. The Lions were hosting. The Lions won the Grey Cup game that year and it was the best season the Lions has ever pulled off. They started the year off 1-6 and turned things around in dramatic fashion. They took 1st place with a decent record. They won the Grey Cup. And my wife and I got to enjoy it all...LIVE!

Last year there were few that thought the Redblacks would even be in the game against the powerful Stampeders. The Stamps last year were unbelievable and dominated the opposition. The Redblacks won the Grey Cup in nail biting fashion. What a game to watch!

This year it may well be the Redblacks squaring off against Calgary again. It is not written in stone. Calgary still has its work cut out.

The Redblacks, should they take 1st place, will have a 3 week lay off. That gives the team lots of time to heal from injuries but it also could work against the team. It will be a challenge to stay focused. Hopefully there will not be too much "rust" accumulated" with the lay off.

To earn the coveted spot in the Grey Cup the Redblacks will have to get past Toronto or Edmonton or SSK depending on which team wins the eastern semi-final. All 3 of these teams can beat Ottawa. Toronto has already done it twice. SSK is coming on strong [as in scary strong] and Edmonton is beginning to show some brilliance with QB Mike Reilly at the helm.

If the Redblacks do succeed in making it to the Grey Cup the Ottawa fans are in for a real treat and I'm sure the Redblacks will give the opposition a run for its money no matter who they face.

To be cheering for your team in the Grey Cup is a special treat. To be attending the Grey Cup game in your own city and cheering for your team is priceless!

"To be cheering for your team in the Grey Cup is a special treat. To be attending the Grey Cup game in your own city and cheering for your team is priceless!" (Beaglehound)

THIS :arrow_up:?

Hope so!

That would be sweet.

I hope not.

I have nothing against Ottawa.

Happy for them and Hank getting a 40 year string off the backs.

It is just that having the same team in 3 years in a row will suck.


I hope not. If another losing record wins the big prize especially with an easier ride than teams with superior records would not be good for the league. I will cheer for my Argos, but I hope it goes west this year to a team that had to earn it.

Honestly, this year is as much a toss up as any year in recent memory in terms of what the Grey Cup match-up will be:

Calgary: As long as they're playing, should be regarded as the favourite. Now, a couple of poor performances the past few weeks have sprouted some doubt, but they're not playing for much right now either.

Winnipeg: Injuries starting to hit them at the wrong time, but if their QB/RB situation is healthy for Nov. 12, for the first time in a long time, I'm a believer that the Bombers COULD, stress could, make it out of the west.

Edmonton: Strange season. Started out world-beaters, went through a prolonged mid-season slump, but now seem to be turning it on at the right time. With Reilly and Bowman, they are in every game.

Saskatchewan: Pretty dynamic offence, again, that seems to be peaking at the right time. We'll see which Kevin Glenn shows up in the divisional semi finals (wherever that may be for the Riders) and although I'd still consider them the dogs in a tough western division, stranger things have happened. One game sudden death that is football post-season can play into the hands of teams like this....

Toronto: Honestly, if they weren't a possible obstacle for my REDBLACKS, they'd be the team I'd like to see win this season. Short of a "big name" NFL washout signing to maybe inspire a new generation of fans, I'd like to see what an Argo Grey Cup would do to the fan base there. You can't count them out playing late-November with Ray, Green, Wilder and a pretty decent D. If they beat BC on Saturday, they have a shot.

Bringing me to my REDBLACKS,

Let me start by saying that yes, I think I can speak for all football fans here in Ottawa when I say I know we have been spoiled to host 2 (potentially 3) East Final's in a row, so early in the franchise's existence. I, too, would be annoyed at watching a team with an inferior record host a one-game pass to the Grey Cup, while my team has to slug it out in two road games for the same privilege and with a better regular season record. I get it. I agree.

The reason I don't feel bad about any of it, however, is the raw deal Ottawa football fans have gotten with previous organizations, ownerships and because of that, a reputation around the league of being a bad football town with bad fans. I'm not saying divine intervention is at play, but I am saying I feel like we are finally getting a reward for it all.

I digress.

I wouldn't bet a large sum of money on any team to make the Grey Cup this season, but I will say that, at least right now, things are sort of lining up again for the REDBLACKS. If the Lions can pull one off this weekend, the stars will certainly align for a great opportunity. Beating even one of the Argos, Eskies or Riders is a tall task, never mind needing to beat two of them. The one thing the REDBLACKS have shown is a propensity to win when the chips are on the table, going back to Year 2, both down the stretch and in the playoffs. I'll have a better feeling (obviously lol) after this weekend, but yes, the REDBLACKS have a shot again.

As an aside, the word is permits for the temporary stands come in the week BETWEEN the divisional semis and the the divisional finals, meaning IF (big IF) the REDBLACKS get that Lions favour this weekend, they could sell the temporary seating for the East Final. Would be cool.

Sorry, just kept typing there lol. Good luck to all whose teams get to play on Nov. 12 and beyond! Special good luck to the Leos on Saturday, too. :wink:

I get it, you're an Ottawa CFL fan and happen to finally have a team again. Truthfully, I am happy the double colours are getting fan support as the league needs this team and really missed having a team in the capitol. That said you are allowed, as are all fans, to rationalize a reason why you're team has a legitimate shot, but it just ain't happening. Hate to burst your bubble (well, actually I am enjoying it but that's because I'm an Argo fan :P). The double colours are short a seasoned playoff QB that they had last year and don't have the motivation of returning the Grey Cup for the 1st time in decades. Nice that they have home field but the closest they'll get to the field is from the stands. :wink:

I think the Argos have an outside shot at it but they need to beat BC this weekend. They finish 2nd and have to play the East final on the road it won't happen.

As for the bolded comment my answer is nothing. No explainantion required beyond the following; 100th Grey Cup in Toronto.

Yup. Unless they lose! :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


There is a simple solution to that.

Score more points than the other team.

When the play-offs start, everyone is 0 - 0.

In 2000, Lions were 8 - 10
In 2001, Stamps were 8 - 10

They both won and I was thrilled.

Please do not be upset if your Argos take it. 9 - 9 or 8 - 10.

The team that wins it earns it. Regardless of record.

Not the same. The 2000 Lions finished 3rd in the west and had 2 win 2 road games against teams with better records to get there. They earned it.

2001 is the prime example of this NOT being an east/west thing, but being about giving meaning to the regular season they play. The east was the stronger division that year and Calgary benefited from a weaker division to get a home west semi then a west final against 1st place Edmonton who would only have been 3rd in the east and by a paltry single point. So Calgary played #6 and #3 as the 5th seed to get to the Grey Cup. That's not what I call earning it.

Can't say this enough. For all those apologists for the moronic playoff seeding the CFL has why do you bother watching the regular season? It is essentially meaningless. We might as well draw lots for the 6 playoff spots and seeding 1 thru 6.

I have another solution.

Sit back , enjoy the games , have fun, and cheer on your Argos.

Go riders

Will the Redblacks be able to pull it off again?

No, because,

2016 Redblacks >>> 2017 Redblacks

Redblacks!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO!

Exactly, and it's about how you finish.
If we are going to say that teams with the best records should be in the final then let's scrap the playoffs, just have the two teams with the best records meet in the Grey Cup.

Playoffs are not about being fair or best two teams playing.

Playoffs in any sport are about making money. BIG MONEY!!

No, it's about how you performed in the regular season. That's why they play a regular season. Based on that regular season performance you can qualify for the playoffs. However, in a 9 team league that qualifies 67% of its teams for the post season the regular season needs to mean something. I don't think we need to scrap the playoffs, we need to scrap the regular season. Pretty meaningless right now so let's just draw straws or have everyone make the playoffs and have an extended playoff with no regular season.

I can't take it seriously when they reward teams for their geographic location as much as their regular season record.

OK, how about just have the top two teams make the post season. Have the GC be the best of 3 games, so no quarter or semi finals leading up to the GC (just the 3 game series).
You think that would be better and more exciting than the existing PO structure?
Might as well shorten the season too, no need for it to go on for 18 games just to get the top two finishers (maybe only 10 or 12, kinda like junior or university football).
Of course that would kill the league, but hey, the top two teams would always be in the GC (until there was no league to play for it). :wink:

Typical response, but I have never said it's about the top 2 teams in the Grey Cup, it's about the regular season having some meaning and rewarding teams for regular season performance not geographical location. Once they are seeded the playoffs start and win you move on lose you go home and if that means the 5th and 6th seed play for the Grey Cup so be it but make them earn it. Don't hand it to them with byes and weaker opponents while teams with better records have to more games and on the road.

I do not understand why CFL fans are content on having the 4th or 5th seed in the league get a bye and home playoff game while a team with a better record plays more games, on the road against teams with worse records. Thatis no different than drawing straws any of the tongue-in-cheek proposals you made above.