Will the real McMahon, please stand up!

Okay posters, from the old TV game, To tell the Truth! Who is the real McMahon?

and you left kk off the list. come on he at least should be in the running.

and turkeybend should be insulted. his post are done well and are amusing. kk mcmahon is painful at best.

I sent a request to the mods.....it should happen!

oh goody! but my vote is Marty York, cuz he is a bigger fool than I am.

You have a point, but Turkey could have a split personality, afterall, he is also a Music composer as well! :wink:

but again, one that is entertaining and semi intelligent.


It's none of the above.

All you have to do is compare the writing styles, grammar, poor spelling.

I don't suppose it ever occurred to you that he is doing this just to drive you all looney.

Someone in another thread suggested he was from out West.
After all, he's claimed to be in Regina, Vancouver and Edmonton and other places --- sometimes in two cities at the same time.

Unless he's doing this out of some perveted sense of getting cheap thrills, I suggest you take pity on this poor, obviously deluded, self-important tortured soul.

Now for what I really think --- wait, none of it swould survive here. :lol:

That's me! but I'm 100% intellect, just post like I'm stupid, except on serious things, like rules, etc.

No he is doing it because it is the only way he can get attention

speacking of which, Ro, your needed in the Winnipeg forum.

Is that your intelect speaking?

"thats me" replies kk when i was talking about the differences between turkey and mcmahon. yes while you are confused about which of the two i was describing one is indeed you.

it's a second language to me.

the kk one or the mcmahon one? which is the primary language?

But you said that Mac and TB were semi intellect, while TB and myself are 100% intellect.

That's the funniest friggin' thing I have heard all day.....

i said one of tb or mac were 'intellect' as you put it... mac does write better than you but the quality does not impress many. i would say keep the kk personality over the mac one but hold onto mac ability to write. then improve what remains.

Maybe its Danny McManus.

McManus? McMahon-us? See?

We're through the looking glass here people.