Will the real Jason Maas.....finally show-up ???

Maas....will be starting this week at home.
I was one of the many, many, fans...who bought into all the media hype...last year.
Well...we all know what...or should I say..what did not happen, last season.
So...the question I have to ask is...when is the real Jason Maas...going to finally show-up ???
Or did Edmonton...play a very successful joke...on the Cats ???
That has cost the team.....one hell of a lot of dough.
What do you think ?
I have not be able to forget the words of Ron Lancaster...that Jason has career ending injuries...
I can only presume Maas must have been hurt....before coming to Hamilton.
If so ...it was covered up...by Edmonton,and Maas very, very well.
Hard questions.....that have never been answered.

I believe that only Jason knows the answer to that question about his injuries. For a QB to only be able to throw 25 yards and then not be acccurate is a true sign of injury. He'll be better this year since they got rid of the receivers except for Jasons favorite buddy. All the problems were with the receivers last year, give me a break !!!

I think that the real Jason Maas has already shown up in camp. If you take his body of work in camp to date into account, he has looked better than he did last year, for sure.

People can point to the Black and Gold Scrimmage and the underwhelming output of the entire offensive unit, including Maas, but as Thursday’s game against Winnipeg showed, if games were Perrier, controlled scrimmages are buckets of warm spit when it comes to having a clue about how a player performs until the severest tests.

What Jason (and Rocky for that matter) does on Friday night will be a reasonable barometer of how comfortable he is with the basic system under Taaffe and Working at that point.

From everything I’ve heard, Maas’s arm seems fine and his throws have greater zip. Having the old ball back will help Jason a lot I think.

The proof is in the pudding. I am looking forward to Friday’s tilt. Chang has staked his claim to being in the QB mix with his great game on Thursday. It is up to Jason to provide the necessary separation as the de facto starter with his effort on Friday.

Oski Wee Wee,

American receivers are much easier to replace than Canadian, OR a QB for that matter. Its obvious that they have a lot of money invested into Maas so they arent going to just dump him... but believe me i dont miss Terry Vaughn and Craig Yeast. I dont see SJ or anyone for that matter blaming ALL of the receivers, Yes Marcel said we have to get better at that position and hopefully through scouting we have. I can understand your frustration Steve but a good friend once told me that a Canadian receiver can extend his career 4-6 years more then an American. Is it fair? perhaps not, but it IS the CANADIAN football league and i think sometimes people forget that. There's a large number of people going to the games to see the Morreales, Hitchcocks, and Lumsdens of the world. If you're referring to Brock Ralph in your statement, it makes sense to keep him around this year... is it fair? Maybe not. But its life.

I certainly hope that the real Jason Maas shows up. If he doesn't... we're in trouble!

Although, our backups are improved from last year so maybe our back ups can with 6 instead of 4 games!

Oi. Either way... Maas has to perform.

Gee Whiz Crash thanks for straightening me out I never knew why they called it the Canadian League.

someone piss in your porridge today steve? you seem ornery.

as for maas, lets give him a chance to return to past ability before banishing him to the bench and paycut city.

Gee Whiz Crash thanks for straightening me out I never knew why they called it the Canadian League.
No problem! :)

Agreed, everyone should get a fair shake :smiley:

well, based on what he's done, he deserves a shot at making up for last year.

i guess that could be called a fair shake. whereas a rookie who doesn't impress right away gettting cut is also getting a fair shake, as he had his chance.

Lets not forget the BALL people. It is back that way it should be with the painted stripe,every QB will be better this year.

Yes and every q.b had to throw the same ball. It still doesn’t change the fact that Maas threw for the fewest amount of t.d’s by a starting q.b since the forward pass was introduced.

And we must have set some kind of records for the amount of times we were shut out last year.

Source? Criteria?

Oski Wee Wee,

Hope so!!!!!

I'm not sure his 8 TDs last season constituted any kind of record for "fewest TDs by a starting QB" but let's face it, it works out to barely a TD every 2nd game!! With a stat like that, it's amazing that the team won even 4 games.

I've always been a Maas supporter. I think he has shown that he can playe well in the CFL. Last year was an aberration (for whatever reason). He starts the season as #1 because he's the only guy on the roster who's proven he can get it done. However, I'm an even bigger Chang supporter and have been for a couple of years now so if Maas falters, I hope Desjardins gives the all to the throwin' Hawaiian while the outcomes are still in doubt.

An Argo-Cat fan

Let's take a stab at this one, shall we? :smiley:

Maas had 8 passing TDs last year.

Two examples I dug up quickly:

Jay Barker (Toronto) 8 TDs in 270 attempts


Marcus Crandell (Calgary) 7 passing TDs in 372 attempts


Those are two guys with over 200 passing attempts.

Billy Dicken threw 1 TD in two starts in 2000. I also recall Pete Gonzalez has a big whopping 2 TDs in 2003.


The forward pass was introduced in 1929 in the CRU.

"CRU adopted use of the forward pass on a limited basis in Junior, Interscholastic, Western Canada Rugby Union, Western Intercollegiate Union and the Grey Cup final. First legal pass in Canada was thrown by Gerry Seiberling and the first reception was by Ralph Losie of Calgary Altomah-Tigers against Edmonton on September 21. Jersey Jack Campbell of Regina threw the first forward pass in a Grey Cup game and Jerry Erskine made the first reception. First touchdown pass was by Edmonton's Joe Cook to Pal Power in the second quarter of a game against the University of Alberta on September 28. The first interception return for a touchdown was by Joe Hess of the University of Alberta in the same game when he caught a pass by Cook."


So contextualizing the "Maas threw for the fewest amount of t.d's by a starting q.b since the forward pass was introduced" comment might be useful.

I have seen MANY QBs start and fizzle into oblivion within a handful of games.

Maas had a crappy year (even he will gladly admit it) -- it doesn't mean one can lump him with 1930s QBs who threw 5 times at the most per game. A little perspective would be appreciated.

Oski Wee Wee,

Well Dicken was on pace for 9 t.d's and what about Todd Bankhead? That was quite the 2 headed monster we had.

I thought for sure if anyone threw less t.d's in a season it would of had to have been Tod Mcpherson.

Oski-oui-oui ... I love the smell of history in the evening. It smells like ... victory.

Don McPherson*

Yes, but to find CFL stats online is a JOKE past what is on the CFL.ca website, which lists season stats since 1999. Compare that to http://www.pro-football-reference.com/ or the downloadable software at http://software.techrepublic.com.com/do ... cid=189153 for NFL statistics and it is sad.

The CFL should pay a few individuals to collate statistics since the 1958 official founding of the league and post them online as a historical project. Wink wink nudge nudge say no more....

:D :D :D

Oski Wee Wee,

I am curious to see what happens to the quarterback picture if Jason Maas struggles and Rocky Butler performs well.

Does Rocky become #2 or even #1 or does Timmy "the second coming" Chang move in to the backup spot. Friday's game is going to be great to watch for that reason alone.

I actually hope Maas plays well solely to settle the depth chart a bit and calm the controversy at least for the beginning of the season.

Either way, I will be there communicating my roster decisions telepathically to Marcel and Charlie from the stands.

  • paul