Will the Old Adage come true?

It’s been said "Offenses win games, Defenses win Championships

Will the Riders prove this to be true?

So far I think it can be argued, that the Rider Defense has been the identity of the team for the 2018 season imo. I think they are going to be scary and unpredictable for every remaining game.
Can the Defense win the Grey Cup?

If the offense can be counted on for at least 14 points per game - YUP lol

we will take one TDand 5 field goalsin everyplayoff game...the D will show up but if you think they will totally shut down ANY team in the playoffs...well thinkagain... bend but do not break and do what they have done in all the wins...pressureevery QB and dominate the line

We’ll see.
I don’t believe the defense has peaked Yet>

I don’t believe the Offense has peaked yet either. ;D

This Defense (& Special Teams) is good - really good.

Go Riders

I don’t think this offence will peak untill next year if they can keep it together that long, and they need to bring along the back up Q.B. with a lot more urgency throughout the season, we all know you need a quality back up, especially in the riders situation . As long as the defence can keep it up they have a good chance. Love to see the stamps in the final.