Will the O line hold?

After watching the onslaught that is being received by the offensive backfield (QB included).
Do you not think it's time for a change in personnel or a better blocking scheme than my sons peewee team.
The opposition is breaking through the line, at times, as though it were not even there if they don't want to play find someone who does.

Well considering a line is made up of four or five NI Linesman. There is zero chance of gettinga new line if that is what your asking. Offensive linesmen are the most difficult talents to find. Harder then a QB...

What you see is what you get...

I sure am glad Popp forced Okeke to retire. What a beaut that all-Canadian O-line is. Oh wait, they had to go get import linemen midway through the season just to change it from 'horrifyingly bad' to 'still the worst in the league despite minimal improvements.'