Will the New IWS be a sports only venue?

While I’m just a fan, I have forever believed that for the Cat’s to make a profit, they need a muti-event venue.
Will the new IWS beable to host large out door events like concerts, supercross races and Monster truck shows?
Most importantly is the concerts. If the Cats could hold say 10 concerts at the new IWS they would make a ton of cash…or at least I think they would?
So I ask, will IWS only be hosting sports or will IWS be Rockin’ the Hammer a few times a summer too?

I truly agree with you 100%, BoxJJare. IWS should be able to hold concerts and other events. I've been suggesting that idea ever since Pink Floyd played there in 1975, or when Rush (my all-time fave band ever!!) did a gig there in 1979. If they ever did decide to do shows like these again, I would definitely attend them! However, it will likely never happen, since IWS is in the middle of a residential neighbourhood. The city would never allow such events due to the noise bylaws and obvious complaints that would come from the nearby residents. I can recall residents also complaining about unruly concert-goers damaging property, using front porches and lawns as toilets, and littering on properties during these shows.

That's one of the main reasons why I was hoping that the stadium would be located elsewhere (not intended to bring up that debate again!). If the stadium had been in a non-residential area, then concerts and other events would likely not have been a problem. Too bad... :expressionless:

Jare, IWS2 will be able to have all those events at the stadium.
The reason the old IWS could not hold concerts was because the Stadium was not built to the modern codes and the Fire Marshall would not allow it.(not because of noise complaints that many of us thought)
Rest assured the new Stadium will be built to modern standards and will function as a Multi-use Stadium.

From the IWS2 Feasability Report

North Side Stands - Ontario Building Code (OBC) Requirements The north stands at Ivor Wynne Stadium were constructed in 1971 with 53 rows ofseating for a total of just under 12,000 seats including accessible seating. Under theOntario Building Code, the City of Hamilton is under no obligation to bring the northstands up to building code unless a significant renovation were to take place. However,Toronto 2015, through their letter dated January 20, 2011 (Appendix B – City ofHamilton Contingency Plan Submission) will require a legal opinion and full indemnityagainst any harm should the City not proceed with bringing the north stands intocompliance with current building codes. Staff have reviewed a Preliminary Structural Summary Report on the north stands of IvorWynne Stadium which indicates that should the renovation of the north stands beundertaken then they would be subject to the Ontario Building Code for those parts ofthe existing building subject to the material alteration or repair. However, if there is a "change of use" from a sports purpose-built facility to multi-useentertainment facility (i.e. for concert events) then there would be additional life safetyand performance requirements applicable to the entire facility. This would include thenorth stands whether or not any renovations were undertaken on it. These requirementscould include extension of sprinklers, fire alarm, standpipes and emergency lighting, etc.Without this work, these types of events (i.e. concerts) would not be permissible in thenew stadium.a

I wonder if there might be some aspect to IWS not coming under HECFI and that a certain percentage of profits at IWS would have to be shared with the TigerCats? I honestly have no idea if that has been the arrangement though, no idea, just wondering. :?

What is the difference between a concert and a football game when it comes to Fire Code?

This is from a City report on bringing IWS to code for a one time only concert in 2001

It appears that the differance between a football game and concert is the additional seating on the field and power to the electrical for the lighting, amps amd speakers

[url=http://www.hamilton.ca/Hamilton.Portal/Inc/PortalPDFs/ClerkPDFs/committee-of-the-whole/2002/June04/CS01104(a]http://www.hamilton.ca/Hamilton.Portal/ ... /CS01104(a[/url]).pdf

As an executive summary, the major requirements for Ivor Wynne are as follows:
! Automatic sprinklers in all spaces (open and enclosed concourses) below
tiers of seats
! Fire alarm system – two stages, manual pull station, heat detectors,
extinguishing systems, monitored, 2nd enunciator panel in press box
! Automatic power cut off from alarm system to stage sound system
! Building permits for installation of fire alarm system required (as well as
lighting, exits, stairs)
! Additional exit signage (lit) from the field
! Emergency lighting for access out of field
! Stairs off the field

What is the difference between a concert and a football game when it comes to Fire Code?
Depends how the place is used...field level seating, tents, escape routes, pyrotechnics .yadda, yadda

I saw a back-stage hospitality tent (no sides on it) at a Travis Tritt / Lonestar concert at Cayuga Speedway ordered removed by the Haldimand fire inspector because the fabric wasn't quite up to code....they get pretty picky these days

I found this and it includes some sort of download of the Ivor Wynne Pink Floyd concert in 1975 (free and premium)

(click the wordpress link for the download I guess)


Pink Floyd
Ivor Wynne Stadium
Hamilton, Ontario

Disc 1:
01 Raving and Drooling
02 You Gotta Be Crazy
03 Shine On You Crazy Diamond (parts 1-5)
04 Have A Cigar
05 Shine On You Crazy Diamond (parts 6-8)
06 Speak To Me
07 Breathe
08 On The Run
09 Time

Disc 2:

01 The Great Gig In The Sky
02 Money
03 Us And Them
04 Any Colour You Like
05 Brain Damage
06 Eclipse
07 Tuning
08 Echoes

[url=http://esau13.wordpress.com/2009/11/03/pink-floyd-ivor-wynne-stadium-hamilton-ontario-1975-06-28-mp3/]http://esau13.wordpress.com/2009/11/03/ ... 06-28-mp3/[/url]

(the comment section is interesting) :wink: