WILL the music drive me away BOB ?

I think Caretaker Bob takes these complaints with a grain of salt. That said, I don't think anyone should cease to voice their opinions about what they like and what they don't like about the gameday down at the mighty Ivor.

As well, if this team was 5-1, I don't think there'd be as much complaining and the crowd would definitely be louder. I'm as loud and rowdy as they come, and even I don't get all charged up for a 2 and 10 on the 43 the way I would if we were battling for first.

Still loved hearing the crowd (on the tube) get juiced up on that goal line stand!! Pretty sweet.

It's not the volume nor is it that i and thousands of others don't want music and fun. We just want time for us!!! Even if they were 5 and 0 I would still feel the same. I noticed this two years ago and voiced my opinion. It' simple...listen to the fans and do something about it. We are not asking they change the quarterback..not asking for changes on the field. We are asking that someone considers and responds to our input. Its about us this time and not the feelings of palyers and coaches. Good business does this.

the music stinks it has nothing to do with the time in between plays. The music could be used on certain plays that had to do with that play in the music. But most of it is noise and makes it very hard to hear the announcer because he is always having to talk over it--- it is a football game not a concert!!

I think that's part of it. The music played has no co-relation to the action on the field. Hockey has mastered this.

It's a tad too loud.

It should NOT be played after every single play. Our fans are known as some of the loudest in the league, however the fans have been taken out of the game. We're drowned out after every play. The song "Semi-Charmed Life" was played 3 times last game (in clips). That song is about the singer's girlfriend dying of a methamphetamine overdose. Great selection eh???

How about putting some "fun" into the selections. Examples include (stolen from several hockey rinks) I Feel Like a Woman, showing women in the stands dressed up (or some men dressed as women...no offence Box J Boys) or that Kissing Song where they show couple kissing all over the stadium and conclude it by showing two opposition players on the bench.

C'mon...now you're getting it.

Hendy is on to something here. The kissing song is a great idea. Just don't show me because I sit next to my sister and Mum...haha

I find this style of DJ'ing cheesy beyond all cheese. Just play tunes that sound right...musically.

man! you people will complain about ANYTHING, pretty sad when I come to this board daily and there is 1)A new 143rd post about an old complaint....or 2)a NEW complaint.. give it up already. There is NO way ANYONE can please EVERYONE..get used to it

Complaints correct problems.

Next time your car brakes down, don't take it the mechanic to fix it...get used to it.

Next time someone breaks into your house...don't complain to the police...get used to it.

Get it?

thanks hendy, i was waiting for someone to stop the "be grateful for what you've got" crowd.

Those examples have NOTHING to do with complaints.... those are people PAID to do an EXACT service

hey do ya suppose someone COMPLAINED about not having music between EVRY play???