WILL the music drive me away BOB ?

I agree...turn it down a bit.

But, I'm also with the group that says it shouldn't be played after every single play in the game. It' just plain goofy.

While I'm at it, I know Farr has nothing to do with the music, but that guy's gotta go. Brutal.

Ivor Wyne has never had a proper sound system for a stadium of that size...

this thread seems to resurface after every home game. Unfortunately, ti-cat management is not listening,, must be deaf from loud noise between every play. It is so bad that when watching the game at home, (unable to get to last game), I could hear the music or noise as I call it in the background while the tv guys were yapping. Heck, they even had to yell on tv to be heard. The fans have been taken out of the equation in terms of cheering. The 13th man is the music. Time to change this.

Obviously hits a nerve with many. Let the thousands upon thousands be the noise. It just is not as nice a place to go to as say a year or two ago. We are there for football after all, not the pizza pizza penalty, the primus yardsticks and on and on. I know its a cheap ticket but....let us enjoy "the game"

The whole sound and announcing thing is ruining my visits to IW. I like most of what the Ti-Cat management has done regarding game day experience but the playing time game stuff is not well thought out. We as fans are inundated with sensory overload. We simply can’t participate in the game because there is no “fan time?. Every moment during the game in which there is no action on the field is filled with sound. When the play is over there is sound. When a critical situation is looming such as 3 and short or on the goal line there is sound. When is it our turn? I am not old and I don’t dislike the energy of the stadium, it’s just that as an owner of the team I would like to see or hear the rationale pertaining to this issue. Caretaker….? Thoughts…?

By the sounds of it.. the worst thing the Ticats did was put in a new sound system.

But wait... Wasn't that that people wanted last year? As they couldn't hear anything. Just read the old posts from about a year ago...

There has always been music played between plays, its just now we can hear it. Keep it up!!

I like the music…they seem to mix it up quite well. However, I do agree that the game day presentation needs to ‘breathe’ a bit.

Nothing is worse than the NBA…but the NLL is doing their best to top it. Since football has so many stoppages, you can’t cram them full with music (like at hockey–which can also be annoying, but not as bad).

For one, it does take the steam out of the crowd. What’s the point on cranking up your own volume when the tunes are gonna drown it out.

Plus, it can be exhausting. Your senses get beaten down a bit, and you lose some of your steam.

I haven’t been down to IWS this year, but I like the gameday atmosphere there…with a few tweaks. (I agree with most about the PA guy too).

Just let the crowd generate some of their own noise. 'Cause it’s damn loud down there when everyone wants to be.

With you being in box j its not that loud. Last year I was in section 7 near the top and was very loud. Last game I was in section 7 near the bottom and it was’nt bad. The higher you are (rows that is) the louder it is.

My biggest problem with the music is that it is played too much and at the wrong times. I don't think it is appropriate to play loud music when the teams are in the huddle, even the visiting teams. Play it during stoppages of play for measurements, time outs etc. I find the selection better this season.

As far as the play by play announcer I wish he stick more to actually calling the plays. The game is easier to follow when the announcer tells us the down, the position on the field, what the call was on a given penalty etc. and forgets the mindless banter. That is what is done at other stadiums and it really does help.

Most of, like some have already said, let us decided when to cheer and shout, we know how.

I personally enjoy the selection of music this year. I don't think that there is too much music(ie between every play) but it is far too loud. Playing music after a terrible play doesn't seem to make any sense either...

Bob, this is a good sign when the biggest complaint this week is about too much noise...lol...but it does seem to be a common problem (loud music at sporting events). Maybe there's a bylaw the hearing impaired have to be able to hear the music loud and clear...nothing would surprise me anymore.

I was at IWS for the first time this year on Saturday (yes, when I attend, they always win) and afterwards made up my mind that I will watch the remaining games this year from the comfort of my own livingroom (where they always seem to lose).

I did not mind the music selection, although the unending supply of it was becoming monotanous by the end of the game.

There were, however, two things that I did object to, and these two things Mr. Young, Caretaker, Bob, were enough to ruin an otherwise great game day experience.

What I did mind was the announcer trying to talk over the music. Note to Mr. Farr, if you must do a voice over, turn the music down, talk, then turn the music back up.
I found Mr Farr competing with the music and this was very annoying.
PLEASE - One or the other, but not both at the same time and ....

It was way Way WAY TOO LOUD!!!

Between Mr. Farr not knowing a whole lot about what was going on on the field, talking over the music, and being at an incredibly loud volume (and I was at field level, and can't imagine what it was like closer to the origin of the noise), I will stay home and protect my hearing for when I need it 40 or so years from now.

Sorry Bob / Caretaker / Mr.Young I won't be back to cheer for my Cats - I won't be buying season's tickets either (I was seriously considering it before Friday's game) It was just too darned loud. You are doing a HUGE disservice to your patrons, possibly causing irreparable hearing damage.

I see a lot of small children at the games. For any of their parents out there - are you concerned about the effect of the noise on your children's hearing?

Maybe I'm just an over-protective parent. But personally, I will not be bringing my children to the stadium while current volume levels persist. That's not a threat, just a fact. I wouldn't mind them becoming Ticat fans (like I did, as a small child, attending with my own parents), but that's not as important to me as preserving their hearing.

You don't need five second clips of music between every play.

It never used to be like this and I fail to see rationale. Getting fans into the game? Hardly.

At FC, same thing, you can't turn to person next to you to dicuss last play, ask question of anything.

You also don't need PA announcers trying to be start of the show.

I'll be able to judge first-hand better what it's like at IW if I make it down there at end of mth with other Renegade fans.

I find this one a huge challenge. I think it often depends on where you are sitting.

I remember when I first went to games I was on the North Side of the stadium and really struggled to hear.

When I went over to South Side I was blown away by the volume.

Shoot, I thought, it is either barely audible or too loud.

Section 30A where I'm at now is pretty good. Maybe I'm just "adjusted" but I can't complain!

Speaker systems --- and quality do have a role.

It's been one of biggest complaints at Frank Clair for years. Too loud in some sections, barely audible in others.

Wow I cant believe the things that people want to complain about . Bob wants the young people to come to the games and there were quite a few at the last game which was nice to see . They like music and if that`s what it takes to keep them coming then keep it the way it is . They are the next generation of season ticket holders !!!!

I think we should be complaining about the fans who DONT make enough noise on critical plays when the other team is on offence. Our fans are way to lazy it seems to yell and holler and force the QBS to go to a silent snap count . But maybe if people make to much noise well have other fans who wont come to the games cause its too loud ??? Bob could always start blacking games out if the crowds get smaller .

And what do people living y IW have to say about volume of music?

Yeah, I know it's only 9 games a year but if their windows break are the Ti-Cats gonna pay?

We are at the game to watch football .

After the play we would like to talk about who was open or who held or whatever.

But , we can't hear each other for  " That Damn Rap/Rock "

Mr. Caretaker, please tell that guy with the sound system to


Can you believe that we still haven't seen rain on a home game in the 'Bob' era, no matter what the doom and gloom announcer warns us about?

Boy 27,000 sure didn't feel smaller to me. Especially on that last play before half time.