WILL the music drive me away BOB ?

After self imposed exile, I must resurface to take issue with what is the most annoying aspect of coming to the park. PLEASSE - we dont need moronic music clips between every single play. Let us talk, let us cheer. Its become an outdoor ACC. What senses are left have been dulled by useless clips.Save the good stuff for change of possessions or key sitchy's. Treated three "mericans" to their first CFL experience and the other than a bit of confusing stuff ie the single point and the clock rules, two comments stood out, "Whats with the music between every play, and the referees are bad."

So please give the staffers kid who cliks the music something else to do. Turkish-out-back to the cabin in the woods.

I agree 100%!! Everyone around me in section 26 was getting extremely annoyed with our bonehead announcer and his ridiculous music. Nobody could talk in between plays. The guy was playing music even when Hamilton would make a mistake! And surely, that's nothing to jump up and dance about.

what about when he announced the burlington teen tour band during the pregame then played some kind of music clip before the band could play! get rid of the music!!!!!1

Couldn't agree more about the music. As for the announcer, my favourite was: "Give it up for the defence," after they failed to prevent a first down!


--that one drives me nuts! maybe it's cuz they look like crap at the moment you decide to play it!

yeh, the music is fine?? ur all old probably..

Same thing drives me nuts at Frank Clair.

But at BC Place, they have to tell crowd when to cheer and when to stay silent so it c/b worse.


The music is bad enough, but I can tollerate it. The issue to me is that it is WAY TOO LOUD IN SECTION 7, and it has gotten louder this season! I had a near migrane at the end of the game. PLEASE TURN THE VOLUME DOWN!!!

You guys are right-I came up to the first game from the states brought some friends and first words out of their mouth was the music reminds me of the stuff the play at a LOW level minor league hockey game in Dayton OH I say do the ads between possessions it helps pay the bills you can even play music during other down time BUT DO NOT PLAY IT BETWEEN EACH PLAY as far as the PA guy tone it down it down a LITTLE but I could take you to places where they are worse

I'm sorry folks, but the music is great!! Keep it coming!! :slight_smile:

We have been writing for some time now about the high sound level and the announcer at IW Stadium.
I really think they've got the message by now but don't give a damn.

When season ticket renewal time comes around, it might be time to excercise your rights.

The music prevents hearing the chatter among your fellow fans, the announcer is annoying, and the volume is too loud. However, I'm not going to cancel my tickets over it. This is a result of the "constant entertainment" philosophy the NBA started. At lacrose games they even play music during the action. No wonder why the younger generation has no attention span. We go to IVS to see a football game, not get inundated with junk music clips.

I love the music!

The music is great and motivates most fans. But try playing it after every second play. Or play it after a quarterback sack on the other team's quarterback of course, after an interception, a field goal, a touchdown, a long pass, a long run e.g. after a significant play but not after every darn play.

why do people think the PA announcer has anything to do with the music being played?

That music is getting ridiculous.

It was so loud in section 7 that it was actually becoming painful. Between plays you should be able to talk about what's going on on the field without having to lean over and scream into somebody's ear. The organization has put a lot of effort into making the game day experience a more enjoyable and entertaining thing but that tsunami of noise after every play erases all of the other improvements.

We've had seasons tickets for 5 years now and are major ticat fans but having a remote control to adjust the volume and watching on TV is sounding better and better to those of us who can still hear!

My sentiments exactly Ockman.

I am in section 6 Row 34.

I couldn't hear the CHML broadcast
on my radio with earbuds in my ears!!

Way less volume, please.


If you want adjustments made to the volume of the speakers indicate where you sit.

Those speakers are designed to play 70's classic rock (says so on the little stickers on the back of the speakers....honest!)

So to fix the problem, play 70's classic rock... :wink:


I agree with Ron the music is too loud, I sit in sec 7 row 39 and I couldn't hear the person beside me. I felt like I was at a dance club!!