Will The MLL Lacrosses Nationals move to Pan AM stadium

Right now after the Pan Am games the Tiger Cats will be the only full time Tenant at Pan Am Stadium. The only other pro sports team in Hamilton is the Nationals of the MLL Field Lacrosse league.
When the Nat's first moved to Hamilton Ron Joyce was the newer venue but that will all change in 2014. With the interest in the new Stadium being fresh the Nat's could see a bump in attendance as people will want to see the new stadium and TiCat tickets may not be easy to come by.
It could also have some interest in the Rochester MLL franchise to want to make some organized roadtrips to the new state of the art venue.
Even if the Nat's are able to come close to filling the two lower level parts of each grandstand shpuld make for a great atmosphere.

MLL Lacrosse is a great game. Never watched out door until the Nat's started playing. It's great lacrosse all the guys in it played in Division 1 NCAA. I think it would be a good move for them.

I think Bob wants to put a soccer team in the new stadium, USL

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/article/bob-young-to-seek-usl-soccer-franchise-for-hamilton]http://www.ticats.ca/article/bob-young- ... r-hamilton[/url]

Hamilton is still on NASL radar!

[url=http://the11.ca/2013/03/13/calgary-winnipeg-and-hamilton-bubbling-to-the-top-of-nasl-expansion-talk/]http://the11.ca/2013/03/13/calgary-winn ... sion-talk/[/url]

From the NASL Commissioner a few weeks ago when he was Edmonton

“For us, it gives us some clarity. We know where we stand. We want to be big supporters of soccer in Canada, and we are looking at even more cities to add in expansion in the future. Calgary, Winnipeg and Hamilton, those are the names that are always bubbling to the top.?

I would think that a pro soccer team will be in the mix for Hamilton and Pan Am stadium. NASL is probably preferred level for a team in Hamilton being or the tier II with fellow Canadian teams Edmonton already there and Ottawa entering in 2014. It would also put Hamilton team in to the Canadian CONCAF Canadian championship tournament with vancouver, Montreal, Toronto of the MLS. Edmonton and Ottawa of the NASL with Ottawa looking to expand into the MLS in the future but if Hamilton can bring a six team to Canada and a 3rd on the tier II level NASL a NASL team can prove to be a profitable venture for these cities.
With the NASL now being officially recognized, i think, by FIFA as the official Tier II league in North America it would open up Hamilton NASL to a series of friendlies that could include all of the Canadian MLS teams as well as some top MLS teams in the states with headline players to draw crowds. MLS teams would be very likely to go to the MLS/CFL Soccer/Canadian football stadium in Hamilton.

I agree it is a great game the indoor version has become more popular but the southern Ontario Northern NY is a hot bed for Field Lacrosse and when the lease runs out at Ron Joyce for the Nat’s Hamilton should bring them to the now newer and more modern stadium to add another tenant and events to fill dates for the use of Hamilton sports teams.
With being kinda hidden on the MAC campus moving to the more visible Pan Am as well as the Lacrosse World cup coming in 2015 I think could bring a lot more attention.
The new stadium may also bring some fans from a natural regional rival Rochester to Hamilton in an organized fan road trip.

All the best to them, can't say I'm a big lacrosse fan, the few times I've watched it I have a hard time figuring out who has the ball in the net on the stick and then wing, away it goes and hard to follow. Not my cup of tea but maybe I'll give it another shot some time to watch. :?

I'll admit i know NOTHING about the MLL .. but i would have to think that the cost for them playing at Ron Joyce is a heck of a lot cheaper than the cost of playing the games at the new stadium which would probably inhibit any moves if the MLL is not that big of a money maker ...

and do they really even need that big of space


MLL average attendance for Hamilton is 1,837, which is well under the 5,000 Ron Joyce holds. Now granted, it's really big in Boston with 9,647 , Chesapeake with 9,524 , and Denver with 8,495 but unless MLL suddenly explodes in Hamilton, I don't see a move happening.

As a side note, there is a game at May 11th. I know that's the same day after the CFL Fans fight cancer climb, would anyone be interested afterwards going to the game afterwards at 7:00pm?

This is true about the current attendance but Moving to the new venue may bring The Nationals some more attention with people interested in going to games or just to see the New stadium for a lower price.
At the time the Nationals moved to Hamilton Ron Joyce was the nicer venue but that has now changed. It may not draw huge crowds but Junior football teams play at the pro stadiums in front of hardly any crowd. So if Pan Am is available playing games at the City's new stadium would make sense.
The Filed Lacrosse World Championships will be in 2015 and Canada is one of the top teams in the world. The Canadian National team vs. Hamilton Nationals in a series of exhibition games at Pan Am over the next two seasons would also bring more attention to the Nationals in Hamilton.

Yeah, but the problem here is what if it doesn’t? No offense, but it costs a lot more to man the concessions for a 25,000 (or even half of a 25,000) seat stadium then a 5,000. It also probably costs a lot less to rent, given McMaster is probably letting them play their almost for free, hence why they moved from TO.

I am not sure what kind of deal they would have at Pan Am but who is to say that the City of Hamilton would offer them a similar almost free deal as MAC with limited open concession's and closing off upper levels or even a whole side of the stadium just to get the ball rolling with some sports at the new Venue.
If games were played during the day there would not even be any need for the cost of turning on the lights.
Just sayin

At the very least I could see the City of Hamilton, Canada National Lacrosse, and the Hmilton National's scheduling at least an exhibition game at Pan Am perhaps there last one before they head off to the World Championships.