Will The Lions Win At Least 1 Game??

A curious and pessimistic question I know (especially with the Grey Cup here this year...Did you know that Lions???), but...

Considering what Edmonton (especially), Calgary and Montreal ALL did on their opening possession(s) of their respective games against the Lions, will every other team in the CFL expose the Lions early and often for lack of preparation, intensity, etc. when they play the Leos?? There is certainly every indication that this may be the case. The trouble is...

Teams all watch tendencies of how to beat the Lions (Sadly enough, often it's simply throw it to a receiver and watch Lions defender after Lion defender miss tackles all the way to the end zone.) and will continue to the do the same as what we've seen the first 3 teams did to the Lions early. How deflating is it on Lulay and the boys to get behind so early, so often and sadly, so befuddled as to how its happening or a will to fix it? One would think, and this relates to my other post, that the Lions coaching staff could be, should be, would be scouting tendencies on the opposition as well. But, I know they'll just blame their receivers and QB for dropped passes and over/under throws. Hmmm...so what was Chapdelaine doing on the out pattern to Shawn Gore when it was picked off on the 71-yard interception?? Again, if Jacques were here right now, he'd blame Lulay for not looking off (if not telegraphing his pass) Gore or taking too long to get it off. Again, like my other post, accountability coaches??? Is there any?

Perhaps Saskatchewan may the one possibility for a win but we all know that Rider Nation will be dropping death threats and/or manure on Darian Durant's neighbour's driveway if things don't change soon. Rather disgusting but...maybe we're just too nice and too accommodating towards the coaches and team in putting up with the crap we're seeing from the opening drives.

Or, perhaps some other unlucky team will happen to do as we're seeing and "fail to show up" for the opening kickoff one game and allow the Lions to...wait for it...have a sustained opening drive or get a first down before the end of the first quarter.

By the way, can anyone point out 1 (one), count'em ONE Lions player on either offense or defense right now that instills any sort of fear or forces you to provide any sort of additional attention (ex. double-teaming, etc.) I would even include Simon in that. Geroy, if you're reading this, you've always been one of my favourite receivers, but do you still think you're doing enough to cause defenses to take notice of you?? Once upon time, you could take the team on your shoulders and lead them. Can you still lead or is time to step to the side of the road??

Anyhow, what sort of predictions is there from you guys and gals about a win or the Lions' final record this season??

5-13 is quite likely for this current edition of the Lions---

This organization, our Lions are being cheated by the coaching staff of the team. The players are likely not to blame as much as the Coaching is responsible for the rapid demise of the once proud Lions.

To illustrate how Coaching is the most important part of the teams problems consider this---

Look at Montreal and the way they play the game. They appear ready to play, they are consistent, they dont appear unmotivated, they dont appear confused, guys arent running around on the field==== There are rare instances in which Montreal is unprepared in a game, but to their credit the offense and the defense will both not be unprepared at the same time. Trestman ensures accountability from player to player and ATTENTION TO DETAILS- He demands that every person do their JOB and do it right.

The proof is on the field the way Montreal doesent shoot themselves in the foot and beat themselves-- Trestman appears himself CONFIDENT< INVOLVED as he has a play sheet in his hands which is a good physcological advantage his team has over a coach who is not holding the play sheet. Trestman has prepared the TEAM to PERFORM at a HIGH LEVEL AS IS EXPECTED BY A PRO TEAM--

Even better look at CALGARY- JOHN HUFFNAGEL prepares his team like no other. He is very serious, wants everything done perfect in practice and he lets his team know if they are not trying hard enough in practice. At times he has walked off the field without saying a word due to a missed block. Calgary is an effecient team in which both units appear prepared and dont go into extended periods where they are struggling. Also both units wont struggle and appear unprepared at the same time.
Look at the way Calgary plays, they play consistent football in which both units are consistently executing.

Look at BC Lions. There are many many instances where both the offense and defense appear unprepared or unmotivated to play. There are many more instances where at least ONE of the units was completely unprepared to play. By being unprepared I mean offsides, penalties, players running off the field, not enough men in huddle, not getting a first down for a half, dropping passes like crazy, coaches looking clueless on the sidelines, missed blocks, etc--

The way the Lions are playing the game is not because of talent or just executing plays. The LIons are simply playing the WAY they are practicing and the way that the COACHING staff is coaching the team.
Trestman and Huffnagel has the players respect, I dont think the players respect Buono as he calls them out publically after losses like he did to Marsh-- The Lions look and appear lost even to the casual observer, A WELL COACHED simply does not do the things that the Lions are doing.

The COACH is reponsible for ENSURING the players are PREPARED< FOCUSSED>MOTIVATED> Trestman and Huffnagel do this very well.

BC coaches do not do this, you can see that our practices are not serious, I mean look at our TACKLING? our timing is completely off track- Our effort is completely not their at times. The change the LIons need is in the COACHING of this team.

This team will GO ONLY AS FAR AS THE COACHES TAKE IT TO- Bc needs a Winner New Young Coach