Will the Lions win a game this season

I somehow figure that if the Lions lose I won't have to be so embarrassed about the Argo's season.
It's my rationalization and I'll stick with it.

The crazier thing than the fact the Lions will go 0-16 is how futile they've been over the past 20+ years. On top of that if they didn't have Barry Sanders (arguably the greatest RB ever) in the 80's and 90's it makes a guy wonder if this wouldn't be the second or third time they've gone winless. The lions may be the only team in pro football that need a starting QB more than the Riders.

Im taking Detroit on Proline this week.

But at least the Riders have the rest of the parts in place to compete. Especially now that JC has come home.
I don't think there are any bright spots in Detroit.

Calvin Johnson is about it and he's super overpaid.....but don't get me started on the salaries high draft picks get in the NFL

I wouldn't dream of it at Christmas time.
I'll wait until New Years. :wink:

I was gonna say your a good man but after reading the pet peeves thread i better change that to your a good person :smiley:

What a perfect set up for nfl marketing LMAO, record ratings to wach the lions go 0 and 16, Only the nfl could pull it off ! :roll:

I hope they lose.. I cant stand the Lions, I always had a very intense dislike for that team. No, I can't explain it.. the same goes for the Tigers and Pistons. I guess maybe its just the way that hockey takes a back seat even when the Wings are bringing championships to Detroit and not being fussed over the way the other pro teams usually are.

Looks as if you got your wish.
We now have a new contender for worst all-time football team. :rockin: