Will the lions will win the season series against eskies

I think yes because the lions are real mad that they lost to the eskies last year in the divion final last year.

Being mad doesn't count for diddly squat! If Wally doesn't fill the vacancy by letting Barrin Simpson go and pickup a quality lineman, We won't be challenging Edmonton for First, but battling Calgary for Home field advantage (Second place) instead.

This poll is all depending on who is signed and who comes to training camp!

I agree with Sportsmen, there are way too many unknowns right now to have any idea how the Leos are going to do this year.

hahahhahaha....i think it will be a split you still have a hell of a teamm...and i onyl laughed because of the dumb reason deepak gave..like sportsmen said being mad doesnt mean lollypops...so yah dumb reason but i see a split,,,cause like i said you still have a hell of a team

I agree with Sportsmen aswell. The lions need a lot of work but that will make them aware of the whole season and not get complacent.We lose to inferior teams and play to their level.With holes in the team maybe we wont try to outfancy ourselves and fail.(ie Grey Cup 2000 ... Thankyou Carl Kidd)

I think the Lions will learn from past mistakes and take the Esks this year.

Really depends on who your QB is guys, if it's DD, you have a shot to win, if it's Buck P, no way!

but you have talent in the other areas, but need DD to be the glue to put it all togerther, w/o him, the boat is gooing nowhere for you guys (sry, Leo fans, but it's the turth according to KK)

Ya never know, Pierce has a lot of potential, and if given a real chance, he could be great.

I could see Buck Pearse being the Lions version of Bauldy Auldy

Lions need to come together :? before they will win against Edmonton. :x Esks may be to much for the Leos this year,,,,,,unless they can keep injuries down and play on the same page. Both def & off :!:

I think the loss of Barrin Simpson will not be as devastating as the other teams think. It appears that our Defensive Line has been quite successful at stuffing the run on first down. We need the LB's to be able to drop into coverage more and more. If we can't get pressure from the front four on second and medium to long, then Frito-Ray will have more than enough time to locate the open man. But I do think Ray can be confused by disguising the coverage and blitz packages.

On the offensive side of the ball, I see BC going to a more West Coast Offence style, where DD will not be needing to hold onto the ball as long as before. So hopefully he won't be so much at risk to injury. He is one smart football player. He just needs an O-Line who can protect him.

I'm sure the Western Division will give everyone plenty of entertainment this year. It is great to be a CFL fan! :mrgreen:

Well in all fairness I think the Eskies lucked out last year... the west will be much tougher this season. I think with the return of Mark Washington and the addition of Korey Banks our secondary can shutdown the Edmonton passing game. Last season our secondary seemed to die in the last stages of the game and let the visiting team gain important yards.