Will the Lions be healthy enough?

There is nothing I would like more than to see the Lions take it to the Stampeders this Saturday and then to Edmonton the following week. But as Lions40 said on another thread both Calgary and Edmonton have something significant to play for.

B.C. took quite a beating last weekend against Saskatchewan. 5 players, maybe 6 went down. Some are already playing with broken bones.

Will B.C. be healthy enough to give Calgary a game this Saturday? What do you guys think?

The toughest break (pardon the pun) is losing Angus Reid. So cool under pressure, shares his knowledge so easily almost subconsciously while making everyone around him better. No doubt that Dean Valli can be a great centre, and Justin Sorenson is a monster on O-line. The biggest lost will be losing Angus' knowledge and instant decision making on important plays. Nothing against the other starters on o-line, but we could plug and play with the rest of the line. Angus would help those guys adjust quickly in every situation. I'm confident in Valli, and Sorenson's ability. Hope that Dean, Sherko and Jason can use their experience and the knowledge learned from Angus to help the young guys step up quickly.

Well Beaglehound, from what this team went through this year i really can't complain for what they have accompish so far. I hope with a bit of luck we clinch a playoff berth this week and let our starters and injured players rest on the last game against EDM. God forbid if we lose another QB to the mash unit before the playoffs.

I heard reid is going to play?

In pro football (unlike basketball), injuries are overrated when teams have large enough rosters allowing for adequate replacements. But I agree that offensive line centre is usually harder to replace than other linemen.

I agree with ratt, losing Angus Reid is a big loss. Anytime you lose a starting lineman, its bad, but to lose your starting centre........

We will just have to wait and see. My guess is that the replacements we have could do better than the original players if you

think about it. Sooner or later, we may be down to Ian Smart being our main running back and I think he could be our best at that

position. So, just relax and watch the Lions win! Wally has been preparing for this scenaro all year long.

once again, i heard reid is going to play of his broken foot?


It is time for the bench warmers to step it up. Here is your big chance... make the most of it! :thup:
Don't make injuries an excuse for losing. :thdn:

The offensive line has been shuffled after centre Angus Reid, who calls blocking assignments, suffered a broken ankle after 142 consecutive starts. -cfl.com

he wont be playing

Reports out of Surrey say that Angus Reid has been cleared for Sledge Hockey and Crutch Soccer, but unfortunately not for football. It's too bad, we definitely could have used him!

Okay, this may sound strange considering I'm a big fan of Angus Reid and I don't like Casey Printers.... However I think with Casey starting at QB it won't be a huge factor with Reid out.

First off I can see them going shotgun for everything that isnt 1 yard to go. Thus the responsibility for the ball can be shared a little between Centre and QB.
Second, Valli has played with Reid enough that he should be able to do a decent job of the line calls pre-snap.
Third, Casey is going to scramble no matter what the protection is like.
As long as Sorensen does a decent job then we should be fine in pass protection.

Running the ball is going to be a whole other issue on Saturday.

Go Lions!

Are you kidding me? I watched all last year as Dean Valli got run over ,run around, and totally beat time after time. Did anybody see the look on Geroy's face after he also repeatedly missed the snap count!!!! Dean has to go