Will The Leos Hire Marc Trestman As HC For Next Year?

Just in case it hasn't been heard

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Obviously the question will be what happens with Trestman next? If he did want to stay in the NFL, he certainly could get another job as an OC if he wanted, he may not get another HC offer down there any time soon, but certainly there are teams out there who are familiar with his OC work that he's done before and would certainly take him on. It's possible if he wanted to go coach in the US NCAA ranks, he could probably do that too, but I'm more than willing to bet if he deems that the atmosphere of the CFL was more to his liking, he will find his way back up north of the border, and with Benevides out the door and Wally being a guy who's only gonna hire someone of high pedigree, Trestman seems like the kind of guy who would head there. That's my thoughts anyway.

It would be nice, given Trestman's record in Montreal. A lot of times decisions like these come down to money. How much would Trestman want and what can the Leos offer him. I've not followed Trestman so I don't know if he would take a OC position int he NFL in lieu of a HC position in the CFL. Regardless, I would think he will coaching somewhere after he gets his walking papers. I would not rule out another
HC position somewhere in the CFL. Maybe he will be offered another HC position in the NFL even though he didn't do well with the Bears.

I heard he lost the locker room though in Chicago and that's not good really. He may need some time to gather himself back should he get fired after this season and assess things.

Trestman showing some cojones. News out of Chicago is he's benching Jay Cutler and starting Jimmy Claussen next game. If he's going to get canned anyway, he's going out on his terms I suppose.


Good on him then. Cutler is a mediocre qb.

The rumor mill has it that the Lions are in talks with Jeff Tedford.

Her's some background on the guy.


Why would an NFL team hire him as a OC? The bears offense has been terrible.. If this new QB does well, then Cutler should be the one to go.

I think most everyone thinks Cutler should go, regardless if Clausen is any good taking over. The problem is that he got so much money and so much term they can't afford to dump him. He's in the 1st year of a 7 year deal that pays him $126.7 million, at an AAV of $18.1M, and the first 3 years at $54M of which is guaranteed. The GM made a huge mistake signing him to an elite QB level deal for a guy who'd never played elite football in the NFL previously but rather been quite erratic. Heck, he gave him the money coming off a year in which he threw 19 TD/12 INT and threw for only 2600 yards. The year prior he had 19 TD/14 INT. These are hardly upper echelon NFL QB numbers.

Now that deal has become an albatross because coaches have to this point been forced to play him and it's made him virtually untradeable or unreleasable. No one will take on the $32M guaranteed money he's owed the next 2 years. It's basically cheaper to fire and replace the entire coaching staff than it is to get rid of him, which is why Trestman and his staff will see the door after the season is over. Their GM should have been long gone but it seems he's got a lucky horseshoe or bear paw or something that helps keep him employed.