Will the larger crowd raise Hamilton's level of play

Hamilton will, this weekend, end up playing in front of the largest crowd of the week. Week 14 marks the first occasion where this happens.

Will a larger, more energetic crowd raise their intensity level and their play on the field? Or will the opposition crowd only intensify their troubles? Will Keith's presence raise the level of play of everybody else?

Time will tell, but I wouldn't rule out an upset. They've been fighting really hard in recent weeks, and now they have nothing left to lose. Tigers with their backs to the wall are dangerous.

This saturday's game should be pretty interesting to watch.....Quinton Porter maybe getting his first CFL start....Kenton Keith will see some action.....we just recently signed 2 new defensive lineman and added Josh Boden who apparently has some real potential.

is Buck starting for the lions or is he hurt?

I wish you guys luck. That B.C. defence has really pulled itself back together. I hope you guys play spoiler so my Eskimos can stay ahead of them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Buck is playing.

Upsets do happen. But Time zones do have a factor. BC is playing well.

With a large crowd at Vancouver, BC is likely to benefit while Hamilton struggles with the noise level. 7pm Vancouver time is roughly 10pm Hamilton time? BC is one of the hottest teams. Better offense, defense and special teams than Hamilton. Also Hamilton has losted all 5 previous meetings. On the road, Hamilton has losted 14 of 15 previous games and cannot be trusted. Since Hamilton already has a strong rush attack, Keith may not improve Hamilton. At sportsbooks, BC is favored by 13 points. Probably a BC victory but game might still be close. Since BC has been successful for years, pointspread lines tend to be inflated so that often BC win most games but fail to cover high pointspreads.