Will the increase in ticket prices...

Sorry to dredge this up again. The other topic was closed. Here's the e-mail I sent to blackandgold@tigercats.ca two weeks ago. I have yet to receive a reply which tells you just about everything you need to know.

At the end of last season, I hadn't yet decided whether I would renew
my season's ticket for a number of reasons into which I will not go
here. I should explain that I first had a Ticat season's ticket in
1971 and haven't missed more than a dozen games over the years since I
moved back to Hamilton is 1986. I've had the same seat for
about ten years.
When I saw the increase from about $300 to about $500 in one year, I
decided to spend my entertainment dollars elsewhere.
My question, however, is: doesn't anybody down there notice when a
long time season's ticket holder doesn't renew?
I've had one blanket mailing telling me when to pick up the tickets I
didn't order and two recorded phone messages (one from Jesse Lumsden,
the other from a coach, I think). No call from a real live person
offering me alternatives for less money, no enquiry through the mail.
It wouldn't have made a difference, but there was no way you could
know that. I've had calls from arts organizations when I didn't renew
subscriptions. What gives?

What exactly would like the Tiger Cats to do? The Tiger Ctas are offering entertainment at a VERY reasonable price compaired to other sports venues. I personaly have purchased 2 seasons tickets after a 7 year absence. My wife was ill so I stayed home. I agree someone could have noticed that you have been a seasoned season ticket holder. However with that being said it is soley your decision to re-new ...........

Customer retention is a big part of many businesses... im surprised you didnt get more from the team.

Five hundred dollars for a seat on the fifty five yard line is tremendous value. If you don't see it that way then that's your perogative. Why you need to make it an issue is puzzling.

What was it you decided to spend your entertainment money on?

I will say that it suprises me, although I know of one other group of 2 tickets that cancelled the season tickets this year and said the exact same thing about the team not calling with a real person. My friend cancelled because of jason farr(yes it is possible), and the fact that his 15 year old child in grade 10 had to start to pay adult prices because they were taken off the list for that section(is this true? some section no youth price?) So I guess it does happen although I am suprised. I really think that the cats do as good a job as any the last few years with marketing and relations. Impressive to say the least.
My friends tickets went from off the traditions club and from one adult and one youth.....to one adult and another adult(the 15 year old grade 10 student). That is really wrong. It could have been worked out but why should the customer be the one who has to work it out and make the call. Should the business not want to keep the customers? Its hard to explain to recording of jesse lumsden why you are cancelling. The cats do a great job in this area, we all know how the brand has improved, but everyone deserves a call from a real person because we are the ones who keep this thing going. A kid that couldnt get a job at mcdonalds cus he was too young a while back now has to pay adult tickets at a ticat game. They could move to cheaper seats but that isnt the point, those were their seats and what happened aint fair.
Why would a fifteen year old kid have to pay adult price?
The writer of this post needs to email kevin walsh and he will probably get a faster response and I also dont feel private messages or emails should be posted. Those are private.
take care.


You are obviously a very long time fan and deserve better.

One thing to think about though.. this team has been through so many owners and staff since 71 that I bet none of the current staff has any way of even really knowing how long your season tickets go back.

Let's see. Two phone calls, one mailing, a website you obviously know about and none of which is good enough for you even though you say it woulnd't make a difference.

Got it.

Personally, I don't think the Cats should be bugging people to renew if they decide not to. Sure, maybe a mail out questionnaire at some point might be useful but I personally don't want or need Mastercard, for example, to call me at home even if I've been with them for decades asking why I dropped them. I absolutely hate companies phoning me at home bugging me about my business.

a lot Phone Companies now offer a Telemarketer Screening as add on.

Blocks Calls like this if don't want them