Will the Grey Cup Ever be in Calgary Again?

The new proposal calls for a 30000 seat dome. Unless they plan on charging 500 dollars for endzone tickets. How is a Grey Cup ever played in Calgary ever again?

Bungle, they are building the domed stadium with a Grey Cup in mind, expandable to 50,000. This was part of the presentation on Tuesday. The cover stadium would mean that Calgary would probably host Grey Cups more often.

Yes it will as stated above, it will be expandable. Plus the drawing unveiled is nowhere near what the final design will look like assuming it gets built.

Gotta say during the Argos to BMO saga we had so many threads on the subject. Now that it's the Stamps turn for a stadium debate, in just over 48 hours since the plan was revealed, we're already on our second thread on the matter. Great start!

I work in contruction... I'd love to see the engineering on this... How do you put 20000 more people into a building with a fixed roof.

But will any top the ''Ti-Cats/City of Hamilton Stadium Talks' thread which Bob Young finally locked today.


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Lmao. Knock yourself out on the engineering.

Olympic stadium.

Current fixed capacity of 56,000. Olympic capacity of 76,000.


Easy... here's how: http://bit.ly/1fBB4dN

I think all the newer NFL stadiums are going this way - San Fran, Seattle, Minnesota, Atlanta...

I like the idea in Dallas, flexible seats that can be just snapped away and replaced with smaller seats. They replace 21" seats with 19", just like the airlines are doing, and you get a few thousand more people crammed in there.
You look at Hamilton with that big stadium, it's a lot bigger than the old IWS but with 6k less seats. Not only did they put in wide seats but more space between rows. If you took out seats and replaced them with benches you could probably could cram in 40k in the same footprint..... :roll:
I doubt Calgary would design the stadium with 21' seats that can be snapped out and replaced with 19" seats, it would be kind of pricey to store thousands of smaller seats for an event every 8 or 9 years but it can be done.

I think you missed what they were saying... they don't actually replace the 21 inch seats with 19 inch seats, they push the existing seats closer together so more seats will fit in the rows. So the room between the seats is reduced by 2"

Another point missed here is that it would be equitable for Calgary to store some extra seats to put the maximum seating capacity to 50,000. They'd be able to not only just do it for the Grey Cup, but to attract other festivities, concerts, etc.
Commonwealth Stadium has had incredible bands come and play there like Bon Jovi, U2, ACDC, just to name a few. Those concerts were all sold out. Roughly 60,000 people. It may cost a little more to store them (can't be a whole lot after the initial purchase).

I'm sure expandability of any new CFL stadium or venue is most important especially to host Grey Cup games or concerts etc.

Alberta have always done a great job in both places Calgary and Edmonton in hosting Grey Cups and I'm sure this will continue as each city in the CFL should be given an opportunity to host games on a regular East/West or West/East rotation year by year.

I don't like the idea that the Grey Cup be played in only a domed stadium in Canada or only cities that have a domed stadium. I like the rotation idea and played in any city no matter the weather conditions or challenges. It's Canada, it's the CFL, it's our game, we don't have a tropical destination in our country at least not yet, the closest would be Vancouver and they have a dome at BC Place.

I look forward to the new Calgary stadium, just another step in making the CFL a better game for all fans with better facilities and updated stadiums.

I've attended most of the Cups since 1999 and IMHO, the 2009 Calgary event was easily the least enjoyable I have experienced and not just because of all the lunatics in the stadium wearing fruit on their heads. McMahon stadium is entirely ill equipped to host an 40,000+ people on virtually every level...you can throw some extra stands in the north end but the rest of the park just can't handle that many people.

It took literally an hour to get a beer and hit the WC due to the number of people...it was like that Star Trek episode where Kirk and his crew are brought down to that planet with so many people that the population is literally shuffling around body to body because they're just no more room (how they would "re-populate" given that issue is beyond me but hey, it's 1960 sci-fi) and the leader of the planet was hoping that the Enterprise crew could bring down some diseases to kill off a few folks. That's what it felt like.

Worse yet was the "Mr. Strickland" like attitude of the Calgary FD and PD who did their best to ensure no one got into the various Spirit rooms due to official room capacities. I couldn't get into the Sprit of Edmonton Room one night and I was with a guy who had sponsor passes! Just no fun and odd given how crazy that city gets during Stampede...but during Grey Cup, don't you dare enjoy yourself!

Won't think about returning to Cowgry for a Cup until they get a new park...

Our group, including the guy who had his fancy schmancy sponsor pass went down the street to the TiCat room and had fun there....but it wasn't too long before the Calg FD was there tossing people out. Before they started, the room was hopping and lots of fun. After their work, the room seemed half full and half the party. Capacity limits are forgotten at Grey Cup time in every city I've ever been too...guess the Cowtowners didn't get the memo....and I thought Toronto was frigid.

I was wearing my 1973 game worn Bombers jersey and ran into Abe Kovnat's son...HE also had a early 70's game worn Bomber jersey..very funny.

...oh I get it, criticize the FD and PD for preemptively saving yours and other lives from panic induced death but not the various vendors who couldn't give a cr@p about allowable occupant load...makes total sense...I too hate it when a fire breaks out and I can easily escape, ruins the excitement...

...the washroom thing is bang-on though...

I get your point but the CFD doesn't seem to give a rat's a$$ during Stampede...why bust everybody's cahones during a once every 7 year event? If you've been to the Cup in every other city the local authorities keep an eye on things but in a "relaxed" manner. The FD and PD presence in 2009 was overwhelming...think they went way over the top and I won't return to a Cup in YYC.

...the CFD 'doesn't seem' to give a pitooee during Stampede because the venue organizers are more professional at holding mass people events and therefore intervention isn't necessary, but the bylaws are not relaxed just because cowboy hats replace football jerseys...as you've noted the Stampede happens yearly, the GC every decade or so, and therefore the event promoters for the Stampede are much better organized and manage the process better....fair enough on your reluctance to return, each to their own...