Will the East be better than the West this season?

It's early but what do you think?

Hard to say at this point but I think it'll be closer than last year where the West was quite dominant if I remember correctly.

Too soon to tell. I wouldn't say Ottawa beat Montreal in a dominant fashion, nor would I say Cato having one good game is enough. Yes Hamilton looks fierce and the Argos embarrassed the Esks, but it's far too soon to say, especially since the Lion's have yet to even play a game.

This is a QB league. Durant, Reilly change the equation quite a bit. Willy and Lulay have shown to be pretty brittle and BLM is struggling while they rebuild his offensive line.

Unless the Earth reversed it's magnetic poles, I can't see it happening.

If the East is to have their year it is this one. Hoping Kato is the real deal in MTL and Harris looks comfy in TO.

If good Hank makes more appearances that bad Hank with that load of talent at receiver and Hamilton continues to be Hamilton, it should be a good year for the East indeed.

We will see what the West is made of this year with all the injuries.

Maybe the East will be, and if it evens out I'm all for it since it's better for the league. But it's still only 1½ weeks in. Let's revisit this at the end of July.

Wow, the Argonauts can make it a sweep this week if they win today.

I hope so, though it's too early to say one way or the other with any confidence.

It would be good for the league to have several years with no crossovers in order to start rebuilding East division rivalries with some hard-fought playoff battles.

Saskatchewan will win the poll. 8)

The East is 5-1. Looks like the West has some catching up to do.

Hey man, 4-1. Sask hasn't mailed it in yet. :wink:

Huh. Looks like I counted Winnipeg in the East in Week 1 and then in the West in Week 2. And I haven't even started drinking yet. :lol:

Well, there's your problem!

No. An early good start, but at the end of October the west will be better as usual.

It is early, but it is nice to see the East step it up.

A true early balance .

A little bit more of this and Duane Ford can shut up about getting rid of the divisions and ruining the CFL.

Last year he just went on and on about it.

How is a 5-1 record for the East an early balance. A record of 3-3 would be a balance.

Exactly. This is not a balance, it is decisively in favor of the East so far.

The Bombers just got bombed at home by a 52-26 score and yet if you look at the standings on CFL.ca they would be the 1rst place team in the West after week #2. For what it's worth W/L wise so far it's the East sitting at 6-2 the West at 2-6. It's early in the season but lets face it, if the standings were reversed right now all we would be hearing is how the West is best and the East is least from pretty much every fan from Winnipeg to B.C and all stops in between.Spin it anyway you like, the numbers don't lie last 19 games going back to last season.....East vs West.....East 15 Wins/West 4 Wins. 9 or 10 victories should get you first place in the West this season. 9 or 10 victories this season in the East on the other hand should land you in 3rd place or a crossover playoff spot at best.
The standings after week #2.......


With the QB injuries out West. I don't think we have to worry about crossovers :thup: