Will the Cats win a Grey Cup in the next 3 years?

but we're not talking about business. we're talking about games played in a league of only 9 teams. it takes only one or two well placed players to get a struggling team into the playoffs even with a losing record. after that it's anybody's game.

That maybe true for a team that 'knows what there doing'. And I dont mean that as a slant but remember not own did Bob take over the team after a 1-17 season but he had to start the team from nothing. It takes a few years to learn a new business and make the right decisions.

Bob, Looks like the 75% is falling......hate to be the realist! :cowboy:
Additionally, optimists are generally those that say is the glass half full, and the pesimist are those that say the glass is half empty....however the realist says, I don't need a glass thanks, I'll drink from the bottle and save time quibling :lol:

bring back al bruno. how about covington and big angelo to coach the d-line?

if printers stays a while and the coach uses his talents, rather than try to bend printers to fit the coach's scheme. that's been a failing for the cats for a long time. the play book gets predictable because they're going by what the coach wants to do, not by what the players can do.

Digging up a nine month old thread?

Did you need to get a court order?

Did Horatio take his sunglasses off in a melo-dramatic fashion. Was Callie wearing something low cut?

Will there be a new spin off series? CSI TiCats.ca?

Cats will be in it either way
...by the way hate the someting fan thign

We have two more Grey Cup chances after this year.

Now that our defence is playing very well you have to like our chances of getting to the dance at least one of those two remaining years.