Will the Cats win a Grey Cup in the next 3 years?

Do you think the Cats will win a Grey Cup in the next 3 years (not including this year)?

With the addition of Marcel, a new coach after the season, signing of Corey Holmes do you think we are on the right track?

The reason I metion the Holmes signing is that obvously he can see things happening in Hamilton and he didnt even wait until the off-season.

I believe that they will win the grey cup in the next three years.

They have to win within the next three years to keep their streak of atleast one grey cup win in every decade.

With the exception of the Montreal Canadians, they are the only team that has achieved this feat.

I would say no, sorry.

The signing of Holmes (a great player) is a good step but this organization has so much work to do that making the playoffs consistently over the next three years would be, in my opinion, a more realistic wish.

We need a complete coaching overhaul, better player recruitment and the organization needs firm, knowledgeable leadership from the GM. Marcel, who comes highly touted, still has to prove himself and that will take some time.

All I ever want is a team that competes at a high level and that has a chance to win more times than it loses. We need to get to that point before we can even think about the “G” word. I would bet that many thought we were going places this year - and we went backwards instead.

The Montreal Canadians have won a Grey Cup in every decade? Wow, for a bunch of hockey players, I’m impressed.

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Teams can make quick turnarounds in the CFL.

Marcel Desjardin has a strong core of players to build around,
the scouting staff is already in place to help him do that

The new Head Coach will get the coaches he wants to work with
and before we know it we are in the playoffs for years to come.

I have faith that we will put together one Grey Cup winner by then.

Oskee Wee Wee...Oskee Wa Wa

Come on Tigers..Eat'em Raw!!

how about all 3 2007, 2008, 2009

They are winning the Grey Cup next year in the blue team's house.

but this organization has so much work to do that making the playoffs consistently over the next three years
All we need to do is make it ONCE in those 3 years and ANYTHING can happen.. that's the beauty of the CFL!!

I can't see Bob letting the streak die and being known as the owner that couldn't get the job done.

Worse to First! CFL :rockin:

in past years the ticats struggled but had players that played well anyway (winfield, stapler, hobart, champion, covington, rocky) and competed then won. these past few years they have not just struggled, but played very poorly. no one except troy played well for more than a single game in a long while.
first the ticats need someone(s) to step up and play well for a season or two so the rest of the league doesn't look at hamilton as 2 easy points if they have to go through that player. then you can move to the next step, which is competing. a year or two after that you can talk about winning it all. however, with the amount of player turnover in pro football, they could just as easily win it all next season.

id say yes, but we all have bin saying this year after year with a dismal season every single one, what happend to that 5 year plan? i think this whole organization is cursed

Wow. 75% of you think we will win a Grey Cup in the next three years, despite our poor record since 2003. You are a bunch of optimists.
"op·ti·mist (pt-mst) n.

  1. One who usually expects a favorable outcome."

For the record: I voted "Yes".


No, Bob… MY dictionary lists optimist as; “One who usually expects a favoUrable outcome.”

You’re spending too much time south of the 49. :wink:

The only way the Cats will get a Cup in 3 years is if Walmart starts to carry them.

An Argo fan


what happend to that 5 year plan?
What so you mean? Still 2 years to go

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As long as you are including a year in the “pre caretaker days” we might as well go back even further.

Over the past 10 seasons, (including 2006) the Ti-Cats have only been over the .500 mark three times. 1998, 1999 and 2001. (In 2000 we were .500 but I said “over”)

In 1997 we were 2-16. 1998 we went to the Grey Cup with a 12-5-1 record and 1999 we won the Grey Cup and had an 11-7 record. So past history shows us no matter how bad you are one year, you can at least get to the Grey Cup the following year. All it takes are a couple of good additions. In 1998 it was Lancaster, Danny Mac and Flutie. So far this year, you have added a great GM. Things are looking up.

I think our optimism is justified.

what i can't figure out is why this ownership group thinks it takes 5 years to go from last place to contention in a league of only 9 teams.

Damn....someone dug up one of my topics! In business teaching when all conditions are close to perfect it usually take 3 yrs for a business to become successful and get over the hump. There is alot of unpredictability in sports (in business for that matter as well) But to be successful and win a championship are two different things.

But Bob would be better to explain his reasons behind the set '5 year plan' as Im just guessing.