Will the cats make the playoffs?

will the cats make the playoffs? Or is it going to be a west crossover?

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Yes. And yes.


I was gonna go with Maybe. And Maybe. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Yes and doubtful.

As long as Ottawa is around to lock down 4th, Hamilton is easily at least 3rd.

As for x-over, Calgary's uptick makes it suddenly interesting now, but Calg/Sask play once and Calg/BC play twice. They'll just take wins away from each other, and Calgary and BC both have a game against Winnipeg still. Although Peg/Calg in week 16 will almost certainly be a rest-the-starters game for the Bombers.

Of all the teams in the East, the Cats have the best chance of improving in the least amount of time.

Ottawa's rookie QB is a year or two away from prime time (they're screwed).
Montreal's starting their backup for the next 4 or 5 games (they're also screwed).

All the Cats have to do to get better is bolster their offensive line. Once Dane Evans gets back they'll improve even more.

I say not only do the Cats the playoffs... they host the semi final against either Saskatchewan or BC.

Grey Cup rematch maybe? Just get past Toronto! :smiley: :+1:


Making the play-offs means nothing unless we win the Cup. If we just squeek
into the play-offs, I hope we lose in the semi's. Beating winnipeg is all I care
about. So we would have to beat the other teams big time for me to be happy


Tough crowd. :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t care how we get to the Grey Cup….I just want to watch the Cats at home in the Grey Cup…..disappointing since I’ve already paid $1700 in seats to watch other teams again. Will really piss me off.:-1:.


You can't win if you don't get there.

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You can't beat Winnipeg if you barely beat the other teams.
Bottom line: I don't have the stomach to watch the Bombers beat us again in
the Cup. Unless we make huge improvements let's not be there period.

I don’t think we will

Agreed. And if you wanna beat the Bombers you have to beat our defense. Right now you don't have the talent to stop our front 4 (Jeffcoat, Richardson, Thomas, Jefferson) let alone our front 5... which includes Bighill.

Seriously if you were in charge of personnel, wouldn't you bring in some BIGGER bodies to counteract what we bring to the table? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I think we do make the play-offs after a 7 or at best 8 win season . I honestly though at this time don't think that we make the Cup . Finally if we do somehow manage to pull it together and make it to the Cup ? We either won't be in the game from the get go AND WILL GET SMOKED or we will seem to have it won only to collapse as is this teams MO this year and lose it on a last play FG .

If they stop collapsing like a cheap tent… yes.

Sub .500 teams have won the Grey Cup. Upsets have happened in the Grey Cup. Teams that we blew out mid season have won the Grey Cup.

I'm not even going to acknowledge the X's and O's against Winnipeg as their fans would have you do (the ones that are in the wrong forum) because nobody is saying we're better than Winnipeg.

Arguably the greatest NFL team of all time lost the Super Bowl. I'm not going to put Winnipeg in that class.

I agree with you, on paper we aren't good enough to win this thing, but I'll take my chances against any team, any time if it's a chance to win a championship in a one game showdown. ESPECIALLY at home.

See 1986.


You are the eternal optimist. Good for you.
But I'm a long long time Tigercat fan(watched #26 play when I was in my twenty's)
And know that the Cats have only won the hard way,not like the Argos. All our teams that won the Cup had that "drive" to make up for lack of talent. This team
lacks both. I'm not willing to sit back again and watch us lose another Cup.

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"1986" is my mantra.

The pieces are there. They have time to gell and for once the Ti-Cats could get lucky.

Guys like Simoni will play their guts out at home in the Grey Cup.

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Flashback to 2019 and wouldn’t this read you can’t beat Hamilton if you barely beat Saskatchewan? Weren’t the Bombers 3rd in the West and potentially a crossbar away from losing in Saskatchewan? The same Bombers that had the longest Grey Cup drought in the CFL and then had to face the mighty 15-3 Ticats that were everyone’s favourite to win it all?

Your thoughts are more frustration and emotion than reality. No I wouldn’t pick the Ticats to beat the Bombers today, but I also wouldn’t count them out of a game that’s two months from now simply because we’ve had issue to date. Heck, if we barely beat Toronto in the Eastern final it means we’ve at least learned how to win the close ones!


A few weeks ago I said there would be no chance of a west crossover. But now with BC looking strong and the Stamps getting stronger, it looks like a crossover again this year.
Ticats are battling the Als for second, third place may not be enough to get into the playoffs. The Als have three games left against Ottawa but have to play the Bombers twice. The Ticats don't play the Als again this year and have to play BC, Riders and the Elks.
But with VA out in Montreal, that could be the difference. Shitz had that one good last drive against Ottawa but how will he perform in a game.

Your entire premise is flawed . . . a team's performance in one game has absolutely no bearing on their performance in the next game (in any Sport). We need look no further than the Boston Red Sox upset of the Tampa Bay Rays just last week. And if we want to look a little further back, very few "experts" thought the Blue Bombers would defeat the Tiger-Cats in the 2019 Grey Cup.

Bottom line . . . as someone has already stated, your team has to show up to the Stadium wearing pads & helmets to have a chance to win. Anything can happen in a single game elimination tournament.

I still believe the Tiger-Cats can win the CFL East division . . . if we smoke the Argos in the final meeting, we will have the tie-breaker advantage in that matchup. Never say never !!