Will the Cats continue their GREY CUP per Decade tratition??

With all the cuts lately we seem to be starting
from scratch again!! Do you think we can grab
a GREY CUP by 2009????????? :roll:

nope..all good things must come to an end

I believe it is possible given the cyclical nature of teams rising to prominence. Even the best programs tend to hit a plateau at some point. With the apparent QB turnover in Toronto and the aging of core Als players like Calvillo, the Cats are not as far out of a resurgence as the 4-14 record might indicate.

The 1999 win came about from a "worst-to-first" renaissance in 1998 -- the Cats exploding to a 12-5-1 record in 1998 after a dismal 2-16 season, falling a last-minute FG short of a Grey Cup win over Calgary. I would argue that unlike that situation (where the Cats had a great defensive core to build upon in 1998 and had to retool the offense from the ground up), the Cats do have some playmakers on both sides of the ball. The key ingredient for me is that like Lancaster's arrival in 1998, you have in Taaffe an established coach who can have an immediate impact on the culture of the team.

We definitely need to see O-line help, more production from the front seven re pass rush, and consistency in all special teams units. I believe a healthy but pushed Jason Maas (read Richie Williams or a yet-to-be-found competent replacement doing the pushing) can rebound with Charlie Taaffe in charge.

One more point: having a fresh approach by a new GM with the financial backing and salary cap leveling of the playing field will make things more competitive moving forward. The scouting system must begin to start churning out the recruits to elevate this team to the status that the fans richly deserve.

Going over some of the records of the team in the fifties and sixties in preparing an all-time Ticat coaching record list, it is stunning how good the 1950-1967 run was. The key to that whole era was continuity from consistent solid recruitment and great coaching. Can that magic be recaptured by November 2009? We shall see.

The East will be open, competitively speaking, next season. The West is far stronger IMHO. The road to the Grey Cup might be a race to an eventual November roadblock in Toronto.

Oski Wee Wee,


Yes, I believe we can win a Grey Cup
before the next 3 seasons are over.

In fact, if Jason Maas plays like he did in 2004
and we add some key upgrades to our core players
he could lead us to a Grey Cup in 2007 and win it.

I'd love to see it... but I doubt it very much so. I know everyone here can cite the record setting 1997->1998 turn-around that put the Cats from worst to a FG away from a championship. But that 2-16 '97 club had alot less wrong with it than the 4-14 '06 club.

I think we as fans will suffer through a few more years of growing pains in the Bob Young era while Desjardins or whoever builds a real football machine in Hamilton. I'd trade the once a decade streak for a solid decade of prosperity rivaling the Tiger Cat success of the 1960s.

But who knows? Maybe we'll win next year... this is the CFL..

Second Question: who's to blame for probably the
worst five years of football in hamilton??
and do you think we have fixed the problem??

:roll: :roll:

Two menare responsible for those 5 years
and one man will fix the problem, GOTC.

End of story!

Yes, it can be done.

Russ(oski-oui-oui) again calls attention to the 'Golden Years', 1950-1967.
He correctly identifies the strength of that period. Great coaching,(Voyles, Trimble,Sazio) and great recruiting.

The players brought to Hamilton in those years were outstanding individuals, not just in their playing ability, but also in their character. Witness how many remained in Hamilton and continued to contribute to their new home.

Also, the coaches....those three were alike. Tough, intelligent, uncompromising, and dedicated to perfection.

So the recipe for success is there to be seen and copied. IF, if Taaffe and his staff are cut from the same mould, and if the scouts can bring in quality players who are committed, not to their salaries, but to winning....anything is possible.

I don't say 'easy', because it's not easy. But it can be done. Our part will be to support and encourage the positive changes that become evident.

Funny, I was just thinking about that yesterday and decided in my own head not to push the panic button yet, as we still three seasons to go.

Look at the turn around from 1997 to 1998 and 1999. It’s 10 years later, and I say we can do the same thing again this decade.

Yes the tradition WILL continue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes ,I've pondered this Cup per decade chances often lately,still a couple of years left,I 'm not counting this next one as a possibility even though it obviously is one I don't think so.

In the CFL how can rule anything out?

(except botched pass interference calls)

Sure, why not?

That's one of the quirks about the CFL - even mediocre teams make the playoffs and once you're in the playoffs, anything can happen.

Winning it all once in a while shouldn't really be that great an accomplishment. Winnning it all once in a while and NOT stinking the league up eight of the other nine years - now that's something to shoot for. :wink:

Of course it can be done and I firmly believe that under the new regime, it will be done.


Yes we will...

Look at where we were in 1997 and in 98,99,2000 we could have won 3 Grey Cups.

We'll keep our tradition going, it may not seem like it now... but it'll happen.

In an eight team league, winning a championship once a decade is not that impressive.

However, I still predict the Black and Gold will hoist the mug in the blue team's house next year.

It has to be impressive if nobody else has done it by definition isnt it?

Ok, it's a little impressive.