Will The Butler Do It?

Okay, I just had to get myself used to another Ken Petersism before I read it.

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Oski Wee Wee,

Things might be a little rocky for a while, Russ.

Punny Guys

I didn't really watch Rocky too close last year.....what are his strengths?.....with Lumsden in the backfield does it give Butler an advantage to get used to what's obviously going to be a much different receiving corps this year?

Personally, I think Lumsden is going to play a huge role this year while the team gets used to each other and the new coaches....

i can hear the chants now...


if we have a good line then jesse will do well.

Rocky has good mobility and can make good things happen with his feet. He has a pretty decent arm but needs to work on precision, particularly when hitting intermediate zones. He will be able to move the pocket when in there.

More playing time may give him the necessary experience to improve his capacity to read defences.

My one observation of him when I wasn't watching him carve up our defence is that he needs to remain patient more and not move around as much as he does sometimes. It is less that he panics and makes bad decisions than it does affect his mechanics and causes his throws to hang a bit when going intermediate to deep (10-20 and up) or bounce in a line drive way if he forces a ball short too quickly on the run.

These are not uncommon issues for QBs to face. With more familiarity, Rocky should get more comfortable. His acquisition does make camp more interesting, particularly in how the backup battle ensues. As for challenging Maas as starter, the jury is still out for me on that. I would give Richie Williams a long look in that regard in camp.

Oski Wee Wee,

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And so Peters couldn't resist...

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Oski Wee Wee,

i'm just waiting for the rocky theme the first time he comes out on the field....

I still don't think we have a starter yet!
maybe this Meyer guy has want it takes.

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