Will the bombers turn it around

What do you guys think is the bomber's problem. Do you think its the coaching or the players too full of themselves. Do you think that the team can turn it around and make a serious run in the playoffs.

well...they play hamilton next. so if they ever had A CHANCE to start turning it around, its that game.

i cant pinpoint ONE aspect of thier game thats ruining them....its just all around. ( doesn't help thier kickers been missin lately )

I guess they need to go shopping for a new kicker. Maybe it will scare Westwood into kicking the damn ball properly.

Or just let Ryan do it...he can kick FG's. And we all know he can kick that ball farther than anyone else in the league.

If Michna starts our next game, and plays the same way he did in the 4th Quarter, we have a very good chance of turning it around.


I say coaching is the problem. And yes Michna should start, not Martin. I've never seen Ryan kick FGs. Even having Jonny practice them might scare a little something into Westwood's leg.


I agree.

The problem - TEE

They need a PROVEN Q.B.

Kevin Glenn is not it!

I think the Bombers have seen a little light at the end of the tunnel in the final stages of the game against the Stamps. If they don;t start Michna next game they should turf the whole friggin' coaching staff...this kid is the future for this team.....he's cool .....he executes....and I have seen what looks like a glimmer of smarts from this young guy....he could be the new Ray or Printers of this league,,,,,with Michna.. the Bombers can turn the cornor.... so I hope we haven't burried ourselves too deep to take a run at a playoff spot... :arrow:

another year missing the playoffs IMO

They looked terrible against Calgary. The backup qback Tee was just awful. The 3rd string guy Michna looked quite good and the team picked up once he got into the game. Not saying he's the answer but I'd put him in over Tee.

The Bombers are an okay team. They need a couple more pieces of the puzzle to make the team good. I like John Daly. I do think he should stay as the coach. He was put in a tough position at the start of the year. Kevin Glenn is the guy, he looked impressive against Toronto and Montreal. The Bombers need Glenn to stay healthy, or start Spergeon Wynn. He has CFL experience and I think he can win for the Bombers. They got lots of pieces, Charles Roberts, Stegall, Boyd Barett (a beast on special teams) and lots of other complementary players. They need a good free agent this winter in the receiver department. A good one! (not McGarity) Tucker's available (although I doubt he leaves Edmonton) Brock Ralph, (he'll probably come back from the NFL) and others. And that's about it. I do think the Bombers can come back and make the playoffs.

I think they're record will be 8-10. That might be enough to make the playoffs.

no way bombers make the playoffs…8-10…HA

this is equal to me saying the tampabay devil rays will not only MAKE the post-season, but will win the world series aswell…u gotta know when its over!!! give up, better luck next year!!!

BC, Edmonton, Calgary in west ( noones crossing over this year )

The coach is the problem and he should have given Tee a lot less playing time. Michna looked really good. I sure hope Daley plays him this weekend.

No playoffs for Bombers this year.

Its pretty obvious isnt it, QB. The bombers are going to rattle off 6 straight wins against the Cats, Sask and Gades with Glenn and or Michna at QB, saving the inept Jim Daleys job, who will still be insisting that Tee Martin should be starting.

Yeah, the Bombers will turn it around. After going 1-8 in the first half of the season, they'll finish with a 2-7 second half, which is a 100% improvement.

That may not be enough to make them contenders for next year, when they host the Cup, however.

Haha... Atleast the first win of the first half of the season came from Montreal. But I'm sure we will beat Hamilton come this Saturday.

Odds say Hamilton can't lose them all...so you might have to wait till Labour day for your second win!

I was being tongue in cheek btw.