Will the bombers trade for a household name at safety??

i was reading the winnipeg sun today, and brendan wasnt denieng the fact that they may try to trade for a safety. if it does happen, who do u think may be out there worth goin for...and a trade that may actually be accepted

what would u guys say to this....seeing how calgary is very deep at the linebacker position, and wes lysack wount be a starter this year...do u think that we trade the rights to kyries hebert, 1st round pick in the 07 canadian draft, and maybe brad banks (sign Michna back) seeing how banks isnt getting the offense....just and idea...coe and lysack are both 'tobans and they would fill huge holes in our defence..we could also put carter to the other olb spot

....Lysack....bin dere did dat....I sure like Coe....but the stamps probably won't let him go....and right now i don't think Heberts stock is that high...who will that household name be...... i say we stick with Carter...and if that ain;t working....an nfl cut down the road... :roll:

Agree...we can't give up our 1st round Canadians...been dare..do we need to trade for a proven Saftey? ask Tamon, he had a whole off season to do so..keep it up pegcity..we never want to stop Bomber wheels in motion..Go Bombers.

Papa has the right angle. If Carter doesn't get the job done then go for an NFL cut. Hank is correct as well, keep the Canadian talent because they are difficult to replace.

Lysack is overrated anyway. Better to hang onto your Canadian talent and try to slot an ex-NFLer into the spot. But your front four get good pressure anyway, so opposing QBs won't have all day to pick your secondary apart.

Ockimey and Carter at safety…both can lower the boom and if you dont know which one is dropping back…most receivers are gonna be thinkin twice…

i think we could trade some draft picks for lysak. he was a first round draft pick when he was picked, and an all star in 2004. hes young and canadian and has some CFL experiance therfore we dont need to wait a while before our pick develops. i think a draft pick for lysak would be a great trade. i think we need ockimey at LB. if carter could get his all star form back then id forget about lysak but for now, i wouldnt rule out lysak for this team just yet.

if only we landed karikari :roll:

Who gives a shit about Karikari.

KK didn't want to play for the Bombers, I hope the Blue just injured him by now.

:? our defence is fine, no need to worry about a safety and in my other posts i think most of us BB fans would agree that it is time to start looking at another QB after Glenn blew it tonight.

i agree totally with getting a new qb..but rite now glenn is the best qb we got, and has the most experience..we cant throw our season away by putting in quinn or banks when they have shown zilch..glenn shows signs of knowing what hes doin 'sometimes' but not enough

do u thin taman mite bring in brady if ockimey isnt doin a good job at safety??