Will the Bombers trade a QB?

Who would it be Glenn, Wynn, Martin or Michna. And for who?

Please trade Glenn…PLEASE!!!

With Glenn gone, the other three up and coming QB’s will get the playing time they will need to become a great QB in the league. Glenn is not the QB that can lead this team to a Grey Cup.

I am a huge Bomber fan, as much as i like Glenn I do agree with you, Glenn is good but i think Wynn or MArtin can become very good QB’s who can dominate, not just do enough to get by like Glenn, I would like to keep him as a back up though. I would like to see Wynn start this season, I am looking forward to watching MArtin in this upcoming exibition game vs edmonton.

if you think the Bombers have a problem if Tee Martin shows some stuff tomorrow …what are we going to do if this Michna kid starts lighting up the scoreboard…from what I have heard it could be a four way race for No. uno…maybe a good problem to have …maybe not…just one can be the starter… somebody has got a tough decision…i think down the road I SMELL A TRADE…where and for who is a toughy… :?:

No offence to the the Bombers Fans, I love the games between you, but Glenn is not the QB which some like, that is why we got rid of him, he’s better the a backup but not a good starter. I personally feel the same about Burris and I can’t wait till this season to see if i was right all along. Greene against WPG 3-0 2 years ago, Burris against WPG 0-3 last year, hope you find your starter as I always loved to see a fall game in Winnipeg with the snow.

I haven’t heard much about Wynn in camp or pre-season but I think he should be the Bombers’ starter. If given the chance, he will be good. It was too bad Dickenson and Printers were #1 and 2. From what I got to see of his play in his short time in BC, he’s shows promise.

Seriously, I think they should trade to get Khari Jones back. He’s the star quarterback that performed so well for your team up until last year. Right now you got no proven QB.

(PS - I know almost all of you will disagree with me)

Now why would the Bombers trade one of their QB’s? So right now you would take and trade away the one position that you have good depth at. Just look at Edmonton’s situation now. 3 good QB’s and only one of them that is physicaly able to start.

And I can’t wait until Glenn proves everyone on this board wrong. I don’t understand why people don’t think that he is capable of leading this team in the playoffs. He has the smarts, more so than most QB’s his age. He knows the CFL game inside out. He makes smart decisions, unlike Burris’ mental cramps. And he is one of the most accurate passers in the league. Granted there are other guys on this team that may be more athletically gifted, but that doesn’t compensate for his knowledge of the game. The only other QB in the league that has better understanding of the game is Dave Dickenson.

And THAT is when your argument - which was doing okay until then - lost all of its credibility.

You said it Third & Ten, that would be like saying the only QB in the league with better mobility than Danny McManus is Anthony Calvillo.

That made absolutely zero sense Cybergomer. Don’t get me wrong, I like Kevin Glenn from his days in Sask, but to say that he has a higher understanding of the game than guys like Calvillo or Allen is a little nutty.

Kevin Glenn might be the starter going into the season, but I doubt he’ll keep that job. Glenn’s a good, dependable guy to have as a back-up, but I don’t think you can rate him up there with the Calvillo’s, Printers’, and Dickenson’s of the CFL. Bear in mind, he was playing behind a porous offensive line for most of last year, and with some better protection he would undoubtedly put up better numbers. Regardless, I think the other guys we have in camp could be just as good if not better if given the opportunity. Spergon Wynn always impressed me in relief of Dickenson and Printers out on the Left Coast, and if given the vote of confidence I think he definitely has potential to turn into a productive starter in this league. Martin we can’t really talk about obviously because we haven’t seen him, so I’ll comment on him after his performance in tonite’s contest with the Eskies. As for Michna, the guy spent some time with the Rams, had a good training camp, and was solid when he played in the first preseason game against Edmonton. Anyways I’ve rambled on quite a bit here. I’m calling it right now though, Kevin Glenn will not be our starting quarterback come season’s end.