Will the Bombers EVER win another Grey Cup?

Well, the Bombers have basically done nothing since 1990 (the last year they won the Grey Cup), and these days it seems like it'll be ANOTHER 16 years before we get the cup again.

I've said for the last few years that the Bombers will never win another Grey Cup until the franchise starts making some serious profit. And that will only come with a new, state-of-the-art stadium.

None of the big names want to play in Winnipeg. We can't offer the money that Montreal and Edmonton and B.C. can. And let's face it- our city has a horrible reputation with the rest of North America. A "frozen outpost with nothing to do and no nightlife". That simply can't compete with Vancouver (beautiful scenery, great nightlife, NHL hockey), and Montreal (one of the best cities in North America) and Edmonton (most profitable team in the CFL who can offer great $$$ to the top players).

Therefore, MONEY will be the only way we can put together a contendor. And we won't have that money playing at obsolete Canad Inns Stadium.

Just look at the Winnipeg Goldeyes. The pride of Winnipeg. Second favourite sports team in Manitoba (behind the Bombers). And competitve every year. Because they're the best-run sports team in Winnipeg's history, and they make a pile of money because of the new ballpark. Hence, they can attract the Northern League's best of the best.

My personal prediction..? The Bombers will next win the grey cup sometime around the year 2020.

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They will win another Grey Cup, but not likely in the next few years. but 2010's are looking good.

However, we have been in the Cup since 1990


that's nothing to be ashamed of, Cards have never been in a super bowl.

new stadium is in the works, chill!

Hey, new stadium! Are you from Winnipeg? It will not happen for a decade at least. You do know that both Canwest Global Park and MTS Centre were fueled by a large dose of private funds. where do you think the Bombers will find $100 million? Gov’t funding??? People in Winnipeg are more concerned about the street conditions , health care and stolen cars than they are a new stadium. Maybe David Asper can apologize to Lyle Bauer, kiss and make up, buythe team, build a new stadium, fire Taman and spend some money on a real quarterback