will the Argos cut Kerry Joseph???

im watching the Grill Room on SunTv.

they are discussing the mess that is the argos, and all panelists ( including Neil Lumsden ) and the host seem to agree Kerry got a raw deal in argo-land:

-different receivers every game
-crap o-line
-coaches not runnin plays to KJ's strenghs, tryin to make him a drop-back passer.

they mentioned that the argos can cut KJ before sept 1st, and they wont be on the hook for the rest of his salary, but if they keep him past sept.1, they have to pay him his whole contract, even if they cut him.
so they said, if pickett has a good game the next argo game, look for the argos to release KJ, rather than pay him to sit on the bench the remainder of the season.

so, if KJ gets cut, how long before he returns to Riderville, where he would have a top 3 receiving core, and a talented o-line and re-unite with coach Miller?

if not riderville, then where?
here is a proven winner, with no attidude problem/ massive ego, and probably willing to take a paycut to go to a winner.

The Riders have 5 QB's under contract. A 6th doesn't really get them anything. I can't see Tillman bringing him back.

I wonder if, 18 months ago, he had a chance to do things over....

We wont see KJ in Riderville, amazing person, great athlete and we love him dearly for what he did in 2007 but we have a core of young QB's that we want to develop I could see KJ maybe as a coach but we already have Marcus Crandell for that

completely aggree that toronto is screwing him hard KJ is a run scramble get it done kinda guy he is surly not a drop back pocket passer

I'd be surprised to see him back in Regina...but then again they brought Bishop in last year...

Tough to say. Maybe Wally will be looking for another QB by then too?

KJ, by all accounts, sounds like a great person, a hard worker and a driven athlete.

Having said all of that, what would he coach...QB's? Seriously? He does not throw a great ball, his fundamentals are hardly textbook, he is not known for making quick or correct reads, he has a habit of locking onto guys, he fires the ball when he should feather it, and, at 35, still has to rely on his legs to accomplish anything as a QB.

What, exactly, would he teach our young stable of QB's about the position?

wow you jumped all over that one damn im still burning!! No seriously that should have read :oops: MAYBE :oops:

No, the Riders will NOT bring back Joseph... simply because they have put all their marbles into Durant and the other QB's that they have.

If they were to bring Joseph back, that would be a HUGE slap in the face of Durant and Jyles..

I can see Durant telling the team where to shove it!

in the CFL, keeping a good team together for more than 3 years is very very hard....especially in a salary-cap era.

they need to recognize this team will only be this good for a short period of time.

if they bring in KJ, they will have a grey cup-caliber team for the next 2 or 3 seasons.
if they can win 1 championship in the next 3 seasons, why not go for the gold now ( or Grey )?

if they keep durant as starter, they will only finish 3rd at best, behind a ray-led eskimos and a burris-led stamps.
they will never make it to the grey cup game.

by the time durant hits his peak, the rest of this team will be far past thiers, and they will have to rebuild.
durant hits his peak in 3 years, clarmont will be retired, cates will be old, dressler will have signed elsewhere for more money, the defence will be old and most retired. durant will have a whole different team around him.

its not like the riders have a long history of winning championships...they should win while they can.
they should bring in KJ-4 if the opportunity is there.

totally disagree!

first off, at some point in a Teams time.. you have to start breeding QB's. you need to bring in the young guys and teach them from the start the game, bring them up right!

if you keep bringing in guys who are not from the system, you never give your young guys a chance to ever prove themselves.

Joseph is getting old, he's past his prime and he has done squat in the last 2 seasons.

what makes you think bringing him to Saskatchewan would make any true difference to this guy??

he's not going to suddenly turn things around and become the Joseph from 2007!

if you honestly believe that, you're fooling yourselves big time!

We need to start producing QB's from within! other teams have done it! other teams have had to go through some tough times to get somewhere! why are we any different?

Why the Argos don't have a sprint out for the qb type of offence is beyond me with a qb like Joseph, they deserve to be bad because someone doesn't understand how to utilize Joseph at all.

I agree that TO was not the place for KJ. He should have stayed in Riderville and I think he would still be enjoying success at the QB position. But that time has past and as others have said we may have too many quaterbacks here already. Winnipeg needs KJ - wouldn't that be ironic if Kerry uprooted Michael Bishop yet again.

Everything depends on how Pickett does next game against Calgary. If he continues to improve and the team even gets a win, well then KJ might be toast as the team can unload his non guaranteed salary before Sept. 1.
If that happens, maybe they will bring in Printers as the second stringer which is what I would do.

why would the argos release KJ, then go get a guy who has the exact same skillset, in casey printers???

if they dont want to, or cant, build an offence around KJ's skills, how would adding printers make any difference?

i'd like to see the argos fire adam rita! that woulda make a difference.

I do agree that the main problem with Joseph in Toronto has been the Argos' insistence, first under Buratto as O/C and now under Andrus, of trying to make him into a pocket passer, at which he is not effective.

I think if Pickett continues to show relatively well, before outright releasing him, they might try to cut a deal for him. The only dance partner they could find would, I think, be BC what with Pierce's latest concussion, Buono's lack of faith in Jackson, and their other 2 guys being pretty green.

For SMS reasons, though, I doubt a deal would materialize unless KJ was willing to take a big pay cut on a renegotiated deal; which he might, if the Argos and BC make it clear to him that if he doesn't so agree, Toronto will release him outright.

Probably because they could get rid of the big $300,000+ plus salary from KJ and then sign Printers for a back up figure of one third.

Now Winnipeg can afford to sign Joseph becausethey just chopped 60K from Stefan LeFors salary.

Riders won't touch him as long as they are winning, Bombers will be all over Joseph if he does get cut (Fact)

If I'm Kerry Joseph, and I get released by Toronto, if I happen to come home and my phone rings, and I see on my call display that it's Mike Kelly on the line, I'm not asnwering the phone.

Perhaps the Argos could trade Joseph for LeFors? (Although the Bombers may ask for a cash refund) :roll: