Will the Argo game be blacked out in Hamilton ?

Will the Argo game be blacked out in Hamilton ?

I would say no, only because I don't recall any mention of it whatsoever, and blackouts are advertised because the whole idea is to sell more tix.

normally the blackouts are against west division teams in which there would be a fear from the team of low attendance, the blackout designed to boost the casual fan coming to the game. Wasn't it Sask and Edm last year that were blacked out?

It's the opening game of the season against the Argos and I am sure there will be lots of fans there so I don't see this being blacked out.

Don't understand why this game isn't played during the day. Didn't they move the Labour Day game to 4 pm this year because of the issues they had last year?

Day time might be too hot and my guess is better TV ratings in the evening when people would be more likely to be home. Just a guess.

but its canada day, arent people more likely to be out watching fireworks at night?

You have a point any plans for fire works after the game a little show may be in order for the Cats. It is Canada day.

But not seeing fireworks going make me miss the game.


Yes..at the stadium! :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Fireworks don't start at the bay till like 11:00 or 11:30, game will likely be over around 10:15. You'll have plenty of time to see fireworks, but from clashing Cats and Argo's and from the bayfront :stuck_out_tongue:

Just buy tickets to the game people, you can get em as low as $20 and Argo games are extremely intense. Plus the team can use all the noise they can get.

8) Exactly right !! Who gives a care about fireworks displays ??
  You will get all the fireworks you need during the game  !!!!       <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

Last week wasn't that good, but it was obly because it was the pre-season. This week we gotta get more than 1 Argo's suck chant in :smiley:. It's not just a chant, we're telling the players what they're destined to do when they play us. :wink:

Not a doubt in my mind that come Wednesday IWS will be rocking. I've been rallying guys up to go for almost 3 weeks, I ask nearly everyone I talk to if they're going wednesday and a lot more people have been saying ya than in recent years which I find weird.