Will that shut up the naysayers?

so we come back from 31-14 and win the game!

without our starters!

now all the media "experts" who say we're not good.. can shove it!

we're 8-2. we got that victory! we are #1 undisputed!

We made that game ours!

I am not one to gloat, but I will say a few things; I am sick and tired of people slamming the Riders for "fluke" wins, and games that the refs suposedly gave to the riders. That game was a good clean comeback win despite some tough calls. I come on this forum to give respect when respect is due, and to talk football. I hope that others could start to use this forum for the same purpose, and keep the slamming of other teams in your team forum, where fans of other teams have no right to post unless it is to give compliments. That's just how I see it.

I think the word “Fluke” is being used in the sense that it could easily have gone either way…Had the Bombers scored in their final drive, it would equally have been called a fluke as well

Okay, maybe this instance that was the case, but how about the other 7 wins? I am not going to look up posts and name names, just saying I am tired of it.

i don't care been hearing this all year, Riders are proving why they are the Champs. great game i like Bishop so far great play calling, all around great team effort thats why they are winning, where some teams rely on a couple big players the Riders do it as a TEAM

Fluke? No.

There is no such thing as 'Fluke' in amateur or professional sports. Maybe one touchdown, hell, maybe one win can be called luck...

But 8 wins with 2 losses? Man their locker room must be covered with bloody rabbits feet if it's all a matter of fluke.

Nah, you know what. It is all fluke, every win or loss in the CFL is fluke by what I've gathered from these posts. It's all a matter of who prays more and sacrifices more goats before the game.
Let me just take this moment to rub that 'fluke' in everyones faces.... mmmmm, felt good.

Is Tillman looking like a slick car salesperson after stealing Bishop from the Argos? with the way Joseph played today, have we got the short end of a Tillman deal yet? If there is one, please tell me because i can't think of one!

bishop is da real deal holyfield, this will quiet argo management, also it proves that kerry joseph is garbage, bishop with the 2007 riders would have been at least 16-2.

Anybody can say anything they want to. They can call the Riders flukes as much as they want to.

The only thing that matters is our winning team keeps on winning.

I do not like to gloat either but it is hard to argue with victory.

Nice, let's bash the guy who brought us our first grey cup in 18 years, how quickly we forget.

My my it appears some fans are a bit insecure. who cares what other fans think of your football team.

To be fair to touchdown69:
I was never a fan of Kerry Joseph either and as a coach/owner I would have traded him away as well. Good player but he panics and made some TERRIBLE throws and plays. How quickly we all forgot about THAT when we got the grey cup :wink:.

Nonetheless give the guy some credit. He has certainly done enough to earn the respect of ANY CFL fan. And he really is a very good player.

Additionally on-Field performance aside, he was a great member of the community.

...it should be noted that td69 is not exactly a Rider fan, Lady.

Yeah, not paying attention. I guess I just have a soft spot for Joseph.

I think part of the problem is that many cfl fans arent convinced that the Riders are as good a team as their record shows. For me, I see a rider team that has won a lot of games, but has won a number of those games by the skin of their teeth. Some wins come from playing good teams that were playing like crap, some wins (like today) were come from behind squeekers against the worst team in the league etc etc. Sure they won a couple straight up, but I think there are lots of peeps who arent convinced that the riders are a great team. All it will take in the playoffs is the Riders meeting a team that is hot and they will probably be destroyed if they play like they have been. We all know what happens when a team gets hot in fottball, they are hard to beat and I havent really seen the riders bring much more to the table than barely enough to beat bad and cold teams. The end of the day a win is a win. As a lions fan I know that the most you get from having the most points is a bye in the 1st playoff round and if you arent playing great you are just there for some other team to walk over. In my opinion, if the riders dont play better come playoffs it will be a quick trip to the golf course where its hard to find your ball in all that snow :smiley:

Riders are extremely well coached team. No matter who is on the field they make plays...

Bishop is a different guy again Coaching?

Today was the first time I saw Bishop operating with a timer and he commanded his huddle like I've never seen it in Toronto...

With Salary management, ratio situations. Coaching has become the big difference makder in the league this year. Hopefuly they don't cap coaching expenses...With the sad exception of 3 organisations in the East defacating the bed. The level of execution and gameplay is the best it has ever been in this league.

Did you have that same attitude about the lions last year when they won 7 games by less than 7 points?

...better to win by the skin of your teeth, Wut, than lose when you're granted the same play over and over from the one...

Zing...Mods are on fire! LOl!

Winning by less than 7 points is not exactly the same as how the riders won today. If you were comprehending what i was saying you would realize that i was saying that I wasnt convinced that the riders and playing very good football for the most part. You can win and not play good football, you just have to play better than the other team and I believe they have had a couple games where their opponent was playing poorly. You dont have to agree with that assessment and your quaint lil comment doesnt change that.