Will teale orban play tonight?

Just wondering if u guys think he'll play, and if so how he will do.

i know he will play... part of the fourth quarter... tate has a sore shoulder

anyone know how well he did?

Okay, considering...a handoff for eight yards, another handoff for no gain...a pass ruled incomplete, upheld under review, a pass for a first down, then a sack...might have been a couple others in there I'm missing - he only did play two series in the last half of the fourth quarter, though...not bad, considering...

Well he threw less interceptions than Pierce, Crandell, Jyles, and BC's last QB :slight_smile:

The pass that was incomplete was actually very nice... The receiver had it knocked/pulled out of his hands and the ref seemed to blow the wistle a little too early... he got out of the grip of the lions just as the whistle was being blown.

Overall I thought he did pretty damn good.

For a NI QB headed back to CIS football--he looked okay out there. The incompletion you mention was all on the receiver--Teale tossed it up and the receiver didn't catch it. On another play, we took a holding call, but again, not the QB's fault. On the hand-offs, you had to love seeing Ram QB handing off to Thunder RB. Never going to see that again--ever!! Very nice!