Will Taylor Hurt the Als like Owens did?


Don't want to start a debate on who got the last laugh last year with Chad Owens
Let's agree that the Alouettes had a great game plan in the East Final
And kept Owens in check most of the game

Chad Owens ran amok on the Alouettes coverage teams for a large part of last season

I just watched the TSN shorts on the main CFL page
Hadn't realized Larry Taylor'd been picked up by Calgary
Arguably one of the most serious challengers for the Alouettes title.

So did the Alouettes just arm the Stamps with the weapon they need to go all the way?
Or is Taylor blowing smoke when he claims his return talent is a Gift from God?


When the Als let him walk last year, he did not have his head into being back in the CFL after failing to make the Jets.
Watch for him to rebound to the Taylor who was with the Als in 2009.

Als Rule previously pointed out that Renaldo Sagesse was the draft pick we used from Toronto in the Owens trade.

It will be interesting to see if he develops into a starter which would certainly equal out the trade.

Also, Barker is saying he is going to fully integrate Owens into the offense this year. In my opinion a mistake, as his returning will suffer. Owens is not a big guy and he will take a licking if he does both. Barker should not be greedy.

re:larry taylor I still believe there was something more then not having his head back into the CFL after the NFL!!! otherwise why not keep him around on the reserve list rather then cut him!!

Hufnagel says the same thing about Taylor.
It's never worked much in the CFL
While in principle it makes sense to include someone of Owens/Taylor's shiftiness and speed....defenses around the league are more than aware that when these guys are on the field, the ball is likely to get to them eventually. This predictability takes the "surprise element" out of the play.

Obviously such is not the case with Chad Owens....who played most downs as a receiver anyways. I'm sure Barker probably simply wants the team to use him more...since he's running the routes anyway. Might put more wear and tear on him as the season goes on....but Owens is one tough ba^&$rd....I'm betting he can take it.

Party Line

There ya go!

always remembered what "THE DON" said about ST and the canadian draft "give me canadian LBs who can play ST"!! the popp/desjardins machine still follows that thinking: curtis dublanka and this year's draft choice in the 6th round blaine ruttan returning to carson-newman U!! both ST demons!!

Trestman would not keep him around to disrupt the "team" chemistry for the sake of an "individual".

tony that maybe part of it but a new contract/salary had to be on the list!!

Owens didn't hurt the Als.

What about the Als taking Dwight Anderson from Calgary?

what about dwight anderson being signed as a f/agent from calgary? what's wrong with that?

Short memory on the Owens thing

I dunno
What about the Als taking Dwight Anderson from Calgary?

Well my memory tells me the Als wiped the floors with the Argos in the East final, so much so that Barker said something to the like that the Argos didn't even belong on the same field as the Als and the Als went on to win the GC, so how did Owens hurt the Als ? Players will make plays... but hurt the Als, didn't happen.

Well if Taylor is going to hurt the Als , conversly don't you think the Als taking Calgary's starting corner (the other gone to the NFL) will hurt Calgary ? I think Calgary is the team to beat in the West this year by quite a bit and if anything Tisdale is a huge drop from Anderson but still weakened the Ticat's secondary, that was already pretty weak, so this was a great move by the Als, weakened the secondary of the two main treats this season. Just me but I would much rather have Dwight Anderson than Larry Taylor.

Good point re the comparison of the Als picking up Anderson vs Stamps picking up Taylor.

I'm sure huffy would disagree!! but who cares?

Want to see how much of a mess the Stamps are in ? Try to make sense of this :slight_smile:

[url=http://www.torontosun.com/2011/06/09/stamps-shuffle-up-defence]http://www.torontosun.com/2011/06/09/st ... up-defence[/url]

What did anyone expect Tisdale to say? Highly unlikely he was going to say anything negative at this point in time.
As for the rotating positions, things that make you go hmmm...

As I already stated…the Alouettes had close to a perfect game plan re Owens in the Final
Still…there was concern going in because of how much Owens hurt the Als during the regular season…obviously.

As to the Anderson thing
It’s obviously not a straight up swap
But there’s no doubt the Alouettes have shored up a glaring weakness from last year.
Remains to be seen if moving Anderson inside and Parker to the corner will be the ultimate fix
But if it has half the effect the Cox-linebacker epiphany had…it’ll be a stroke of genius!

But since we’re swapping one aspect of the team for another…
We might as well discuss the original point

The Alouettes lost the special teams battle last year…BIG TIME
Duval was painful…Maypray (Vann, Hawkins…) underachieved (to put it diplomatically)…and the blocking was uninspired.

Will Whyte measure up? Punting seems to be an issue with both he and Deangelis.
Maybe after the bit of success in the post-season…blockers will put out a bit more for Maypray, and that will start coming around.

But if it’s not simply a platitude…if special teams ARE really a full third in importance in the CFL (I believe Trestman has declared it even more than a third)…then it’s reasonable to be concerned about a talented and highly motivated Larry Taylor running back kicks for what could be our main rival in the west.

I believe that to do his job well…a GM needs to fill gaps on his team…WITHOUT opening holes somewhere else.
While the Alouettes secondary had questions last year…and those questions seem to have been answered…those answers seem to have come at the expense of the running back/Calvillo protect position.
I would have hoped that Popp had that securely plugged before dissing Cobourne and leaving “the franchise” so patently vulnerable.

With Whitaker’s pathetic cringing:
“I can block. Definitely. You don’t have to worry,?
What…me worry?
And Zeke reports:
“Whitaker spent the winter watching film of Cobourne and working on his own blocking technique.”

Well it fills me with glowing confidence knowing a back needs to watch film and attempt to clone himself into guy he’s played and practised with all this time…and if the CKAC reports are anything to go by…
I think I would rather have stuck with the original.

And have Popp do his job finding someone better than Dix (or maybe give Woldu a chance…by gum. A guy that dances that well must have something)
And take another shot at finding a decent kick returner


Als have yet to play a preseason game; plenty of time for them to work on the the areas that seem to be causing you much concern. The next couple of weeks will provide a clearer picture if there should be much cause for concern.