Will SSK drop the Ottawa game to position themselves for the crossover?

Climie made a half-kidding remark after the Thanksgiving game, but you have to wonder. The road through the East looks a lot easier than the road through the West. Coaches get indignant when the subject is broached, but will SK and Edmonton be angling to finish 4rth in their division rather than 3rd?

I doubt it at this stage but maybe the last weekend of the year when they rest their starters for the playoffs.

Sounds like a dangerous game, in several respects. So I will say no.

I can't see Coach Jones doing that. He will do whatever it takes to win at all times. Even yelling in the officials ear the "He moved the ball"

Doesn't look that much easier, especially if Hamilton get in with the way their playing. BC, Edmonton, Saskatchewan and Winnipeg have all shown they are beatable, so I don't see any advantage to purposely losing. Doesn't Saskatchewan still have a chance at hosting a playoff game? Why throw that away?

Unlike Oskie18, I think if anybody, in the CFL, saw losing as the best route to success in the playoffs, and followed through, it would be Chris Jones. However, if he is thinking that way, I don't think he'd put his plan in place this early. The Roughriders still have a slim chance of getting the 2nd place home playoff game, but they also face a slim chance of finishing out of the playoffs and the first thing they need to do is take care of business regarding that. Which team gets 3rd in the West and which crosses over may not be decided until the final day of the season when they host the Eskimos.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if this thought had serious time in Chris Jones' brain.

Even less shocked if he goes ahead with it, should the need arise.

Jones would never drop a game intentionally....
Not in his personality.

He also is not adverse to bending or even breaking rules to get what he wants.

I also specified that "should the need arise".

The Riders are in a position to clinch second and host a home playoff game, why on earth would they intentionally lose this game? If it came down to the last game of the year and they had no hope of finishing second and their game is meaningless and they rest all of their starters, you may have a point.

The Riders are not "in a position to clinch second". They are 4 points behind Winnipeg with only 4 games left to play, and Winnipeg won the season series for the tiebreaker. At minimum, the Riders would have to win 3 of their last 4 and have Winnipeg go winless. If Winnipeg wins 2 of their last 4, the Riders cannot catch them at all.

Any team that "drops a game" for whatever reason should be banned from playing the rest of the season.
The fans deserve better.

Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't that a position? Sure, it isn't a great position, but it is still a position to do it.

The key word was "clinch". "Clinch" implies the potential to render subsequent games meaningless, which is absolutely not the case for the Riders this week (at least with respect to 2nd place in their division). The only potential "meaningless" game for the Riders in the hunt for 2nd might be in week 20, and then only if Winnipeg loses the next 3 in a row. (Edit: or if Winnipeg wins 2 of their next three, Winnipeg will have clinched at least 2nd place before week 20).

A team playing catchup that needs help is not "in position to clinch".

Have to agree with those who feel that it's not in Jones' personality to purposely lose a game - especially in front of the home crowd! I'm going to be cheering loudly for the greenies tonight - after the Ticats game regardless of the result - but especially if the Ticats can't quite beat the Stumps.