Will Smith be the featured back come playoff time???

Assuming that the boys can clinch a ployoff spot, does Monday’s performance put Smith ahead of Reid as the featured back or will they continue the tandem as it is now??? Regardless, it’s looking very promising!!! Go Bombers!!!

gotta run the tandem. the difference in styles forces the defence to play different styles of coverage. you pound with joe you force it up the middle tightening and th3en bring it back outside with reid.

this past week against the argos is the most effective play calling i have seen with a 2 back set with a power and speed back.

run propely this running game will open up everything for glenn.

…The O line was oviously cranked-up, after the tandem- play started to take effect…I saw some of the ol’ Bomber spunk return to the team, when Smith and Reid ,started to take advantage of holes a truck could go through… I think we have to stick with the tandem…that way it’ll keep the oppositions defence off-balance …they won’t know what we’re going to throw at them…Our receivers haven’t had a ‘great’ game this year…at least not one ,which i think they’re capable of…The quality running game Reid and Smith can put-out ,could result in a lot of pressure being taken off our key receivers and i would expect that they’ll be having a field-day, going down the stretch…When the cold weather hits…the running game becomes a top-priority…Joe and Fred can provide that…stick with the tandem… :thup: :rockin:

I'd love to see both of them in there down the stretch. Remember Mike Sellers and Charles Roberts. Not sure they can get both in at the same time, but it would be hard to stop them and would certainly open up the passing game. I also think they should let Kevin Glenn worry about play execution and not which plays to run. Let the Offensive coordinator do his job! :rockin:

Looks like Reid has a rid injury, not sure how serious, but they will likely rest him to be safe. Joe should see a lot of the rock down the stretch now.