Will smaller school players be recruited in a lowered salary cap era?

So, if the cap is lowered will GM's and scouting departments have to change who they recruit especially from the states? Was looking at rosters hardly any d2-d3 players being signed. I would imagine this might be an option to keep teams profitable for the foreseeable future. Have been exposed while son was at university there are shocking amount of good players that chose education over d1 programs.

I'm not sure that D1 players not good enough to crack the NFL will have other, higher-paying options. The lower cap might not have much effect on recruitment. I guess we'll have to wait and see the actual breakdown of cap and payroll structure changes.

If the mininum salary goes down, that could hurt recruitment. But if the minimum stays the same but maximums go down, I think there wouldn't be much effect.

There is a drop off in talent in Div II and III levels. That fact shouldn't prohibit young QB talent coming North.

The CFL has the advantage because it is one of two pro leagues for players to have a career in pro Football. I don't expect heavy competition from the XFL 3.0 when it starts in 2022. It too will have to lower their operating costs too because of the Pandemic.

There were 16.346 college players draft eligible in 2018. Out of that number, 1.6 % were drafted by the NFL(per NCAA), 255 players drafted. That is not counting CFL free agent signees.

If US players that sign in the CFL only want to get to the NFL, they will sign for a two year short-term contract, get film on their exploits and earn a little money. I agree with former CFL coach Mike Kelly in his interview on the Rod Petersen Show, If that isn't enough, they can stay at home, Football dream is ended and they can make their transition into the workforce through their college degrees, if they chose to do. American colleges produce multiple amount of football players to play in the CFL. The CFL has the the leverage

The CFL has never lifted their nose at D2 prospects even JUCO prospects. Div3 however I can't recall any.

The CFL shouldn't be lowering it's standards. There already is an image problem and they have to attract a younger demographic. If they start recruiting from smaller schools and from lower Divs the CFL will continue to be seen as "bush league" and you end up with fewer fans in the stands and fewer watching on TV.
They have to continue as they have in the past and hopefully the crowds come back.

You are embarrassing yourself... You know nothing. John Bowman who's going to the Hall of Fame on a first-ballot 4sure comes from DivII.

Played football at Wingate, not exactly a Div1 powerhouse and then had to go play in Europe before he ended up with Montreal. There are tons of stories like his. So please you know nothing. Your expertise is FAKE.

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Not at all, CFL is a different game and in a different place then the NFL. What has a tendency for the bush league aspect is training players that only want to move on. The longer players stay the more fans can relate and follow which should only enhance fan participation.

Spring and summer leagues are not going away (paused or mothballed ). The league has a to find a different way to do business and find players willing to do more for the sport in Canada .Will it work? If your recruiting Europe then why not find d2-d3,juco believe me the players are there..

Spring and summer leagues that aren't the NFL and CFL are constantly going away it seems.

I have no problem with recruiting lower divisions in the US, but I don't think they'll have to stop recruiting DI either.

Shouldnt matter the school, just how good they are.

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Agreed ... the only issue I can see is that lower conferences don't offer the same overall quality making player assessment somewhat more difficult ... but FAR from impossible ...

We should take into account that at a time before covid.... there was over like 30 indoor/area teams that were perfect for grabbing players who were willing to play for only the minimum of 54,000 and were not that bad of players and I'd rather try and get thouse 1st or 2nd year indoor vets to play over some div 3 guy....slot of div 1 guys that dont make to the nfl or cfl go to indoor for the some what coverage they get, and some good players have come out of there as well as some canadian go down there to play indoors to make a paycheck and stay in game day shape

Been saying for years that CFL should run an arena season as well, it would increase revenues would help with development and for the players interested would allow them to make extra money instead of doing an off-season job. Canada is the perfect climate to run Arena football. It is a fun game to watch and the teams already have all the infrastructures, equipment, refs, and broadcast partners.

I would prefer a 9 man spring league that allows Canadian players on the cusp to develop their skills feeding into the traditional July - November season.

Arena Football was too gimmicky.

At least with 9 man you still have a 110 yrd field with a 50 yrd width.

Of course not but it's always the teams and staff that find those guys that make waves.(Patriots-Seahawks)

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Arena Football is expensive, The Washington Capitals owner, Ted Leonis tried to make it work in the US, owned 2 teams to keep the AFL going. He even tried to get fellow NHL owners to get in on the action. They didn't bite.

At least with the CFL partnership with Mexico League is cheaper for development. Just cut a cheque, situation resolved,

Good idea. I'd like to see arena football. I watched one game when Toronto had a team in the NFL. It was fun.

There has always been players from DiV III make the Pros including the NFL. Jerome Messom who played at Graceland U in Iowa comes to mind in the CFL. Somebody also mentioned John Bowman. Some people say that USports is on a par with Div III. I would say some teams like Laval Western could compete with Div II. But USports produces a lot of CFL and some NFL players.

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Was not saying that .The CFL cannot not compete for Div 1 players if the summer and spring leagues keep popping up in the states.(AND THEY WILL) The salaries and taxes do not make it favorable. I love the CFL and want to see it become a powerhouse of Canadien sports but they are missing the boat chasing Div 1 players..

There will still be plenty of D1 players available to the CFL, especially if the summer and spring leagues that keep popping up continue to go bankrupt (AND THEY WILL).

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Then no worries for CFL teams.. Except 1 year of bankrupt spring/summer league pays as much as 3 years in a league that just cancelled it's season and can't find funding for a stadium in a city dying for a team.Half the teams are slowly sinking we better start looking at different ways to do business.