Will/Should the CFL go to 3 pre-season games?

I know that this debate has come up for years but I really wonder if the CFL should look at going to 3 Pre-season games some day.

I think it is a benefit to the team and their early season development to get an extra game before the season starts, allows for first years and players to have a better chance to earn a spot on the team as well as give the teams more insight into what to do with their game plans.

the only downside I suppose is that it would cost the teams a little more $$ for the season to pay for accomodations if they're the road team that game, or for training camp expenses.. Plus the players would have 21 games instead of 20...

but do the benefits outweigh the negatives in this case?

Please no.

only if they go back to 16 game season

why not?

I know you're capable of making a reasonable argument!! 8)

Unless they made training camp longer I don't think it would be a good idea.

im in favor of them adding 2 weeks to training camp.. start 2 weeks earlier, that is sufficient i think, also would like to see teams able to have off season camps, where they just chill for a weekend or 2 or 5 an offseason and play some football, have some fun. like the nfl teams are allowed to do.

i disagree with adding another exhibition game tho.. unless they hold it in lets say moncton or somewhere on a saturday and sunday or something. the east can play saturday, the westt sunday,, back to back games in moncton.. to promote the game there, and hopefully televised it but.. outside of find other cities to host this 3rd exhibition game, i just dont see why add another game to an already.. pretty long season. 2 pre, 18 reg, possibly if u finish 3rd and make it to the cup.. 3 playoff games.. 23 games is ALOT.. 24 would be crazy but if we could get molson to sponsor the cfl.. then like kevin garnett said, anything is posssible.

NO ...you want to have an even longer and meaningless and painful pre-season like the NFL?

Don't care as long as it doesn't delay the start of the season...

A 3rd preseason game wouldn't be bad, but training camp in general is too short as well. I doubt the CFL goes the route of a 3rd preseason games as they aren't big sellers usually, if they had training camps start a week or two earlier it would probably vastly improve the quality of play in the first few regular season games.

In a word no. One of the nuances of the CFL is that you have to get up to speed fast and get ready for the season fast, the teams that do that better are then better off. Also the CFL just doesn’t have the money to be able to have waste games like this.
No need even if we might see a bit more sloppy play at the beginning of the season.

Mo football = mo better.

If it makes the off-season shorter, I'm all for it. Especially if they can have a couple of games at neutral sites (stadium-pending).

i just don't think it would make enough of a difference to warrant longer training camps and the risks of more injuries for meaningless games, never mind the added financial burden. As it is now, teams have to get down to business and do it in eight quarters of play, plus however many inter-squad games and scrimmages they have. That's enough. Even if the first few games of the season are a bit sloppy, with too many dropped passes and penalties. At least those games mean something.

Right on Rpaege ...mind you even in the NFL after its ridiculously annoying preseason of five (expletive) glorified practise scrimmages, in the first week we still see early season jitters. Of course the league is working also at reducing that amount of games in the next labour agreement, but that is the least of the massive concerns. The early season jitters won't go away no matter how many more preseason games you have.

Two and on with the show!

How can you guys stand this offseason withdrawal any more? You hockey fans I am sure manage with the NHL, some with Euro soccer, some rugby, some of us manage with the Olympic Hockey tournament every four years, some with diversion with the NFL draft, and then once every four years we get the World Cup for we soccer fans and the Euro tournament as well ...but c'mon the offseason is too long already and we can barely take this teasing!

The league dropped the extra pre-season games and added more regular season games due to the fact that pre-season games drew poorly. The NFL is thinking of doing the same

After witnessing the Ti-Cat-Argo game live yesterday.I would say no. I agree with the comments that previous posters have already mentioned, having additional pre-season games could cause more injuries. The third game probably not have any starters playing.

I am all for making TC longer, and maybe the could hold a scrimmage at a neutral site. But I do not want to see anymore pre-season games. Two (home and away) is the perfect amount.

How about televising the pre-season games they already have?... That would get the fans pumped earlier (like I need help getting pumped!) Plus, I would be all for a slightly longer training camp.

I would support a "rookie" game possibly played at neutral sites, Mtl in Quebec City, Ham in London, Reg in Saskatoon, Van in Kelowna, etc.

I think they should have a longer TC and pre-season... I will point to the example of Todd Reesing.. this guy was hyped up, and after 4 days of practices was unceremoniously dumped by the Riders. IMO, he didn't get a fair chance to show what he can do, especially with 4 other QBs around. An extra pre-season, neurtal site exhibition game wouldn't be too bad either.

There is nothing more boring in all of sports that NFL presason games from game 3 to 5, and I even love football. I wouldn't be a season ticket holder if I was forced to pay for more than one preseason game.

No, but they should extend training camp a bit. Start a bit earlier, so you can still kickoff on Canada Day.