Will Saskatchewan or BC rest any Starters?

Lets throw away the idea that the West will be harder to get to the Cup ( it will be) since both Sask and BC are going to the playoffs and have no chance of hosting any games,would it not be smart to rest banged up players and other starters who you want to be healthy?

With Sask's QB situation, I think they'd be wise to sit some starters and come up with a plan for the playoffs.

Only makes sense to rest starters unless you think playing Edmonton is somehow beneficial.

Absolutely they will. No reason to have starters play a full game when it doesn't mean a lot and risk injury when you can get backups game reps instead.

Riders maybe, Lions no. You rest starters you are essentially saying "we would rather go through the east". So you rest starters and become the crossover team, but now you travel east with the pressure all on you (because you rested starters to get this spot) more motivation for your opponent and you go in coming off a loss.

As much as the east is the easier route no team wants to go into the playoffs coming off a loss and drop a spot in the standings. Pride says both teams go for the win. However, if BC beats Calgary then Sundays game in Saskatchewan is meaningless and in that situation I can see the Riders resting players.

If the Lions win on Friday, the Saskatchewan/Edmonton game will see starters on both sides either sitting out or seeing limited time. B.C. has to at least try to treat this like a game they want to win. Losing is a hard habit to break and regardless where the fans want them to play the next week, the Lions will be giving 100%.

The thing with the Riders is they have had so many players injured over the second half of the season that they need to rest these players not because they want to but because they need to be as close to 100% as possible by playoffs.

Exactly. BC playing first eliminates the debate. If BC wins, Sask has nothing to play for. If BC loses, maybe Sask takes the opportunity to play upset in the playoffs. They did play a pretty strong game against Edmonton the last time out.

The Riders having their bye week in week 19 gave them another week to get joseph in sync with the offensive starters. The Riders having that week off will enable them to try to tune up with Joseph as their QB going into the playoffs. I don't think they would sit any one pre say but will caution on the side for a qustionalbe player, especially on offense.
I think Edmonton should be giving key players who have played the full load of the seasona bye week for them.
They have a whole season of monmentum of playing well that should a loss occur in the final week sgould not effect their play.

They pulled Durant from the injured list. That would mean they will at least be testing his arm this weekend.

Except that the BC game won't even start until 3 hours after the Riders need to submit their 46, so they pretty much need to have the same strategy regardless of the outcome of that game.

If the rumours are correct and Durant is indeed ready to go I would think that the Riders will be playing him just to send a message out to the rest of the league. The thing of it is though is that I can't see them playing him for the entire game and risking Durant injuring himself again. The Riders though will definitely give him some reps just so he can knock some of the rust off and be game ready for the playoffs.If the league award was MVP instead of MOP then Durant would get my vote as the Riders have looked dreadful without him in the lineup.IMO without a doubt with apologies to all the Ricky fans out there,Durant is the best QB in this league.

They need to know if Durant can handle game punishment and how it will respond before they prepare for the post season. My guess is they play him a quarter, once they've established the perimeter.

Just because someone dresses doesn't mean they see action. If it's a nothing game for the Riders they will rest players. They would be fools not to.

:roll: You don't pull a guy who makes real money off the injured list so that he can stand around. They could have done that while he was on the 6 game. They pulled him early so he can get some game reps at full speed.

Rumours are that Durants sees some time in the 2nd half of the game.

If you're refering to Durant he's obviously an exception. You want him to get some reps even if it's a nothing game to make sure he's ready to go for playoffs and to get him back into the game after the long layoff.

Well, in the CFL dressing certain players pretty much means they need to play them. You can't dress an extra 4 on the OL, and an extra 3-4 receivers....etc

Point being that if they desire to make a serious push to play in the West playoffs then they need to dress and play most of their normal starters (there are a few including Dressler who are dinged up and unlikely to play either way). You can't rest a lot of guys on the sideline in the CFL, as the game-day roster simply isn't big enough to allow that. They need to submit their 46 before they know if they have a chance to get into 3rd or not...so if they actually desire to get into 3rd they need to be practicing the GD starters all week and then submitting that 46. Your starters for that week pretty much need to take most first team reps. So basically they are either primarily practicing, dressing, and playing most of their normal starters and going in with the attitude of chasing 3rd, or they are not dressing them and simply rolling the dice....they can't decide based on the outcome of the BC game...they don't know if it is a nothing game or not until it is too late to make player moves, and if they are going after 3rd they already have most normal starters dressed and will only be able to sideline a few.

I don't think it matters for Saskatchewan, I think if I were them I would be treating this game as a warm up regardless of where they play next week. They know they are playing, I don't think it really matters to them where they play. The only questin mark for me is Durant and whether he sees action. It is the norm for one quarterback to dress and not play. My question is, are they dressing Durant to play or are they dressing Durant to play mind games with their potential opponents. My feeling is that we have seen the last of Durant, hope I am wrong but I still can't see him returning to the field.