Will Saskatchewan lose their Grey Cup?

If this year is cancelled because of covid 19 will Saskatchewan lose hosting the 2020 Grey Cup or will they get the 2021, which would have been Hamilton's? I hope that this year's CFL season isn't cancelled, but I was wondering people's thoughts on this, I was seriously considering going to the 2021 Grey Cup regardless of who's in it. What do you guys think will happen?

I would think Hamilton will keep 21 and Riders get 22 since 22 hasn't been awarded to anyone yet, as far as I know.

Nobody knows, not even Dr. Fauci . We may play fewer than 18 regular

season games but I believe we will have the Cup in Sask this year .

Pat Lynch (trusts in Dr. Fauci)

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With the Tokyo Olympics being postponed I think there is a good (bad?) chance the 2020 CFL season will be cancelled. I hate to say it, but I would also be surprised if any CFL games are played this year.

If there is no season do you think that Saskatchewan will get the 2021 grey cup that Hamilton was supposed to or would they give them the 2022 Grey cup? I'm impatient and don't want to wait another year for the Grey cup to be in Hamilton.

If no Grey Cup this year Saskatchewan would have to re-apply to host it. The earliest available one, not already scheduled, is 2021. I'm no lawyer (thank God) however that seems to me to be the answer to your question.

I thought that the 2021 has been awarded to Hamilton, that's why I was concerned about losing this season would have Hamilton losing the 2021 Grey cup.

I would think the sensible thing is to have Saskatchewan re-apply for 2022. Hamilton likely is partway into the planning stages and I doubt the league would want to mess up plans for two cities. If this season is cancelled Saskatchewan has to re- jig their plans regardless

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The CFL still has some time before cancelling the whole season. The Olympics is an entirely different animal with hundreds of countries and thousands of athletes and spectators coming from all over the world.
One question is how short the CFL season could be reduced before it is not worth playing?
Training camp is scheduled for 7.5 weeks away and the season is scheduled to start in about 11 weeks.
I am not a scientist but I think the next 30 days is going to tell us many things about how long things might have to be shut down. I have read many ranging opinions on this from as little as 2 months to as long as a whole year.
IMO, The pre-season could be cut down to one game but based on the Ticats current schedule, a 12 game season would have to start by the end of July and a 10 game season would have to start by mid August. Could the Cup be pushed back to the first week of December if necessary?
I think the CFL has a few options before they would need to cancel the season all together.

The CFLPA would have to be involved, unless the CBA covers how to play a shortened season not being played ... TSN too as there may be a point at which they are not obligated to payif not enough games are played in a season.

IMO the ideal number of games is 12 ... west plays each other 3 times the east plays each other 4 times ... 8 works for the west, but not the east ... 10 is ackward for both ... any unbalanced shortened season means a division could be won because one team place the worst team an extra time.

Please excuse my typo. I should have said 2022 (old age is creeping up on me as we speak). :older_man:

Good discussion here:

Pandemic planning keeps Canadian Football League commissioner busy

An on-time start, full preseason and 18-game regular season are highly unlikely. A delayed start, shortened schedule and even a Grey Cup in December are all possible.

Commissioner Randy Ambrosie said league personnel recently discussed how many games teams would have to play to maintain the integrity of the regular season.

“We started that very conversation just over the last several days and there have been some very good ideas. We know it doesn’t have to be 18. You don’t have to play a full 18 games to say that you had a regular season that justifies the playoffs and a Grey Cup game. But we haven’t landed on what the minimum number would be.”

Sources say it could be as low as eight, though 10 seems more likely. That decision can still wait, however, as the league has yet to circle the date at which they must go forward or call off training camps and, therefore, the season.

Another wrinkle in all this, and I don't want to get too political here, is it seems like Canada and the USA are handling the Virus situation differently. If the USA starts to try to slowly get back to normal starting on or around April 15th, would the Canadian government even let the US players over the boarder, even if Canada has the situation under control by the summer?

While MOST of us on these threads believe that the CFL is absolutely an essential service, in reality it is not. Right now, any player that crosses the border will HAVE to self-isolate for 14 days. There will need to be a training camp. We, as fans, may not even be allowed to congregate for a game. In a mostly gate-driven League, how are the owners going to break even, let alone actually earn some money if that's the case?

Surely, in the name of all that is holy, the majority of the US people do not truly believe that they will in anyway be back to a pre-Covid-19 “normal” by mid April. Surely, there are some intelligent people left in the nation, if not in the White House, who understand the inane absurdity of that projection.

I weep at how that great nation has been so easily duped in so many ways.

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Of course it is not. I would never in a million years say that it is.
My point is, even if Canada follows all medical and scientific guidelines and we are up and running before August, the other obstacle for the CFL is that 1/2 of their players would be coming from the USA so that complicates things immensely, especially seeing that both countries are not handling things the exact same way. I am preparing mentally, and emotionally, that we will not have a 2020 season, as we all have much greater priorities right now.

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I will be upset if there's no season this year because it's one of the few outings that I can get to because of my physical disability. but safety to all citizens is more important. Let's win it all at home in 2021, oskee wee wee!

I'm in the same boat tiggerkats, and what really stinks, is that I think our Cats were shaping up to be a real CFL powerhouse in 2020. I realize that any team on paper may not show the same as the team on the field, but man, the Cats are rounding into a very impressive squad.

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Yeah, after a couple of decades of mostly futility we finally assemble a juggenaught of a team, only to have a global pandemic deny us of a chance to play for a Grey Cup.

The cruel life of a Ti-Cat fan. :wink:

With all the disruptions, fears, and personal tragedies that this virus is causing, I know I am rather petty whining about the possible loss the 2020 CFL season, even if it is my favourite team playing my favourite sport. But man, sometimes the small things just kind of wind-up and wallop you don't they?? The final straw that breaks the camel's back :slightly_smiling_face:

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