Will Rogers /Blue Jays try to steal the spotlight ?

Once the big trade between the Jays and Marlins gets major league approval , will Rogers bring the new players to Toronto for a press conference during GC week to intentionally take some of the focus off the GC and Argos, that is , if the Argos are indeed in the big game --------would not put it past them .

Typically that is how things are done, you have a press conference to introudce the players, it has nothing to do with intentionally stealing the spot light.

In Toronto, it is nobody's fault but the Argos for playing boring inept football for the majority of the season that there is no interest.

I for one am really excited that the Jays look to be a contender. I follow them as much as the CFL, and it has been a burtal last year for injuries, even though it was a pretty exciting year overall.

If the Argo's had the offence of Calgary or the Cats, then maybe people would have been more inclined to follow them this year.

If anything, this will serve as a wake up call to the Argos that they should not have relied upon the Grey Cup to get a following.

Yes probably. Does it matter? Will CFL fans coming to Toronto for the Grey Cup take their focus off the GC? I doubt it.
My guess is that Rogers is going to sell a lot of tickets next year for the Jays. It's all sports and all is fair in marketing.
They own the Rogers Centre and will probably make quite a bit of money from the GC, the rent, concessions, the advertising.

During the Labour Day week the Bills had a couple of players in Toronto and City TV had them "live on Breakfast Television"
They were plugging the Bills in Toronto. Don't think the Argos players get on Breakfast TV to plug their games though.

Can't blame Rogers for wanting to promote their products. It is rumored that Rogers is interested in the Rights to one CFL game a week to place on their newly acquired Score Network.

cflsteve: If by rumored you mean some uninformed person made a post thinking that there would be lots of bidders for the CFL Tv rights including Sportsnet?

You do realize only months ago Sportsnet came out and said they had zero interest in the CFL right?

Id say they have already stolen the spotlight, Blue jays are plastered on front pages of newspapers sports sections, they are all the talk on sports radio, Lots of attention on Sportsnet, Sportscentre, The Score. Hopefully if the Argos win next week they will gain back some attention. TSN will always give lots of coverage to the CFL and the Argos but the other sports networks will give very little even with the Argos playing at home in the 100th Grey Cup, not having the rights to the product gives them very little motivation to promote the league.

And then Rogers bought The Score, and could use some content for it. They don't want the entire package, but there's info going around that they would look at a one game a week deal.

Thank you. So many people are quick to jump down your throat when you commenting on something instead of just reading it. There was no reason to get all hype about the comment. I read it somewhere that a one game a week interest for the Score.

Regardless of how much plastering this trade (MLB needs a salary cap IMHO, this spending turns me off) gets on various media, the fact remains, Toronto is the only Canadian team in MLB and likely to be for many a while and people in other parts of the country far away from Toronto don't go to the stadium on a regular basis to watch the Jays.

Southern Ontario centricity says "all the media in the country" are saying how awesome this trade is but the fact is, it's one team in one market. I haven't even heard of the names of some of the players involved because I don't follow it, just like I don't know hardly anyone on the Toronto Maple Leafs regardless of how much media attention they get. Not saying of course people in Vancouver or Halifax for example aren't into the Jays, sure they are and they watch on TV but their excitement isn't really as exciting as what is made out to be some sort of "Canada wide frenzy" over this trade. It's a joke to me because I'm not a baseball fan, baseball left me when the Expos left town. Not that I wish bad for the Jays, I hope for their fans sake they stick around, I just don't care about them personally and when I do think about baseball, my first team I ever cared about the Tigers come to mind.

So yes, Rogers should do whatever they have to do to promote their product, the Jays even if that means trying to get as much attention during Grey Cup week as possible, that's fine. It's not a conspiracy or anything about stealing, it's just business sense. I just turn to another channel, just like I do with anything, sports or otherwise, that doesn't interest me that much.

To be fair to Rogers, I don't think they came up with this to try and steal the spotlight. They made this trade to try and improve the team, and I think they succeeded. If you're into baseball, this really is a pretty big deal.

It's also a great warning about spending tons of taxpayer money on stadiums, as Miami is learning with their hundreds of millions in debt for what is now an AAA team.

No question Tridus. Well said - great warning. :o But look at Toronto and the RC, what taxpayers paid some $500 mill for it around there and it was sold to a company for $25 mill. But people really don't care that much and the argument goes it brings in tourists from out of town who spend and gets the city on TV. :?

It just figures that the Blue Jays would resurrect a 132 year old dead cowboy to try and revive this sad-sack franchise. And to do it during the Grey Cup Festival too. The audacity! :x

rpaege, really I do think we should wish the best for all Canadian based sports teams, theatres, musical acts etc. even if some of these don't gel with what we like personally.

Right now I'm thinking if Montreal had of built a stadium like the Marlins have and been a losing team, I doubt they would be putting many fans in the seats. I think Montreal lucked-out not building a baseball stadium as such even though I did really like the Expos at one point way back when. Even though the Big Owe didn't turn out very well for the money, it does and can play host to two different sports and host some great games in both football and soccer.

Montreal made the right call. Miami taxpayers will be poor for a generation paying for that stadium so a billionaire owner can make some more profit.