Will Riders take Visitors side again?

remember last year?

will the Riders take the Visitors side again to have their fans on that side?

Can someone explain to me how this would be an advantage? :?

last year they wanted to have all the Rider fans that sit there during regular season games to be behind them again, make it feel like it usually does.

im not sure what that means.. Im thinking that the fans will be all over Commonwelth.. Explain..

Yeah, I’m with Jaz…don’t we usually pack the place?

By the way… looks like the Riders will be on the “home” side… They get the Eskimo’s dressing room anyway…

Wherever you sit, just make sure you cheer loudly and long. :smiley: Those of us unfortunately stuck at home for the game are planning on Grey Cup parties and getting ready for a fabulous game. Go Green and White. Go Riders. :rockin:

im going.. and Im so pumped.. only draw back.. going with 3 Eskimo fans.. my boyfriend, my son and one of his buddies... But dont worry.. I will make them cheer for the good guys... Go Riders!!!!!!!!!!!

make them wear our Green!