Will Riders Recieving Core Be Enough To Get By Montreal?

we are a province that live and die riders. To my surprise I have noticed throughout the year there has been NO talk about the riders BRUTAL recievers. Dropped balls are going to start taking its toll. Our only consistent reciever is Elijah Thurmon (congrats on the 1,000 yard season). WHENS DOMINGUEZ GETTING BACK!

I guess you dont read very much on here because the Majority of beefs in this section is the recieving corps

Dominguez will play against Montreal.

You know that for a fact or just speculating?

A lot of people stated at the beginning of the season that the Riders had a lot of depth in their receiving core this year. That depth dissapeared when Matt Domiguez went down with a torn ACL. Define depth as it relates to professional sports teams in the above context. Depth is when one receiver goes down with an injury another receiver is right there to take his place. No one stepped up to take his place as a deep threat receiver. Why do you think that opposing teams have been willing to give the Riders those short passes, because they know the Riders do not have a reliable deep threat receiver. They also know that the Riders do not have a quarterback that can reliably throw a deep pass. When opposing teams figure this out they can taylor their defense to effectively eliminate a part of your offensive playbook.

There seems to be a theme year after year with the Riders and it has reared its ugly head again this year. 1 game the quarterbacks cant throw the ball effectively. Next game, the quarterbacks are throwing effectively but the receivers cannot catch the ball reliably. Next couple of games all aspects of the offense seem to be working and we get a good game out of the offense. Next game it seems like everyone came down with a case of fumblitis. So is this because we have a crummy offense this year? Maybe. However if this were the case then we should be doing this every game. I think it may be more likey that we have a offense that needs to settle down a bit and stop making mental mistakes and be more professional.

The Riders offense need to come to understand a few points. First off, the receivers need to understand that you need to be concentrating on catching the ball first then think about taking it to the house for 7, and not thinking about getting the seven points before you catch the ball. This is a mental mistake. Most people will agree the best way to make a quarterback throw a bad pass is to put pressure on them. Crandal and Greene need to come to the realization that in some situations you dont need to be in a rush to throw the ball. You have an offensive line in front of you that has given up the fewest sacks in the league this year (I think it is 16 but i could be wrong).
the offensive coaching staff need to understand that opposing teams have figured out that the Riders rely on a running game. When Kenton Keith is out on the field he probably has a guy out there in the defense assigned just to stop him should he get the ball.

The quarterbacks Receivers and coaching staff needs to step it up a few notches and be professional if the Riders want to defeat Montreal.


The talent is there, we just need guys to start going up and hauling in catchable balls. Nothing more we can say, either they catch or drop/fumble. I am praying the former. But with Dominguez, with Greene as the starter he can pick up where he left off with Dominguez back in week 2 in Hamilton throwing completions and getting touchdowns. Crandell and Dominguez have virtually no experience together, so again another reason why I will be disappointed if Greene does not start.

Also, ever notice how we have won almost all our games when Dorsey played? I say keep Keith out until we get an OC who can use him right unlike Marcel. Whenever he is on the field all we do is hand off, he runs up the gut and tackled for no gain as we have saw for 90% of the plays this year. Get Dorsey, a fresh pair of legs, out there with Corey Holmes rushing. He might be able to shake things up and show Montreal something they don't know down pat yet. We already know the kid has wheels and in 4 of the 5 games that I know he's played in we won.

I agree with Daytona20 when he said the Riders have to catch the ball first. But considering that all of the plays that are called by our wounderful OC, we need yards after the catch. If we don't get these yards then our offence is in the same position had they not caught the ball. What I am trying to say here is that Marcel has to get his head out of his ass, call some crossing patters where you are running while you catch the ball. All of his throws are passes where you have to stop to catch the ball. On a wide field like this, if you are not constantly moving you are going to get killed as soon as you catch the ball.
As far as keeping Keith off the field, that is not an option if he is healty. It is Marcels job to open things up for this guy. It is not Keiths fault that they only run one play, and you cannot punish him for that. The only play they ran with Dorsey in the game was the run to Holmes. That play went nowhere because B.C., like every other team watches game film and picked up on that.

French is by far the worst receiver. I cringe when we throw the ball to him. He either drops it or fumbles it. Moore should have been playing all year, the guy just makes catches. With Dominguez, Thurmon, Richardson, Moore, and Holmes I think they could be pretty potent. Oh yeah and Szarka when we hit him on a hot pattern up the middle for a 60 yard TD.

I agree with you 100%. After rereading my post i think i may have been a little too specific with my comments regarding the play calling and the running game. I think that the coaching staff needs to do a better job with play calling for the entire offense and not just the running game. I am glad to see Travis Moore playing now. Hopefully he will be the guy who will be able to step up and help stretch out opposing defenses and hopefully open things up in the middle for those crossing routes to be successful. this is something that Matt Dominguez did so well. When Matt Dominguez was on the field the free safety always had that deep threat in the back of their mind. In some cases the secondary would be in double coverage on Domiguez opening things up in the middle for the rest of the receivers and the running backs on a quick hit passing play coming out of the backfield. If we can get that deep threat established, it may open up the playbook a little.

Official word as of yesterday about Matt D is that he is doubtful for the game in Montreal. This is where we need him because we have to match the points that Montreal puts up.


Matt has been practicing for a while now, but viewers at practice are noticing that he's still taking it a little easy and walking with a limp.....unless some big conspiracy theory is in the works, I would hazard a guess that he's out for the first round.....if not longer.....

it would havebeen nice to see him in the game. the other rec are going to have to have big games to beat montreal.i got to go to montreal a week after the game. i hope i can go to montreal after a rider win.

Dominguez is listed as Doubtful... He's day to day for Barrett to review his condition. For those of you who don't know, Crandell has outpassed Calvillo in both games, totalling to 602 yds, 4 TD, and 5 INT

gocrandell i think he gives us a better chance to win. go riders

Errrr…Dominguez was/is an amazing athlete…and I woudl agree that Moore is an excellent receiver…the other three (above) would not be missed by my highschool football team.

They are inconsistent at best and downright undependable on average.